Contraception arguments

Discussion in 'Waiting to Try' started by babycrazy26, Dec 16, 2011.

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    At the moment I'm having a real problem in the bedroom. I want a baby but my boyfriend wants me to wait until next November. For those of you that don't know, I'm 26, have wanted a baby since I was 17 and have been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years.

    Anyway the problem is that I am not on the pill and never have been, so we use the withdrawel method or condoms to prevent a baby. He'll have sex with me, with no protection, on the first two days after my period, but after that he insists on using a condom - I've got so baby crazy now that he won't even use the withdrawel method.

    The only trouble is and I don't mean to, but it has happened every time this month so far...I agree to sleep with him and then we start and I don't know why, I'm crazy, but I get into my head that he is actually going to carry on without a condom, and then inevitably he doesn't and he gets the condom out, and gets really annoyed with me that I thought he was going to do any different, anyway then he says that we have to put the condom on and he does and then I start crying and can't carry on.

    This has happened every night for the last 5 nights and he is starting to get so angry that he is smashing things in frustration. I know it is me being selfish because I want a baby and also I've always had a separate issue of not being comfortable having sex anyway.

    What I'm wondering is if anyone has has contraception arguments like this with their partner?

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    i too have had this in the past but with me they never wanted one where as i was mad to have one.

    the fact that he wants one but just wants to hang on is good as he may want to buikd up finances as trust me its soooo expensive.

    if iwas you iwouldnt expect anything as he has already told you when he wants to start trying and if you keep putting this pressure on him he may turn around and say he doesnt want to try at all at the end of the day there is two of you not just you, but i do totally understand how you feel xx

    i would ust sit down and explain how you feel rationally and ask exactly how he feels so you get a better understanding what he is thinking.

    dontlet this out strain on your relationship hun trust me, less than ayr is not too bad xx
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    your need to have a good heart to heart chat. why isnt he ready?
    - is he concerend about finances - do you both have a steady income?
    - do you own your own home/rent somewhere together if not is he just wanting to make aure yu are settled before having a baby?
    - is he emotionally ready for the amoutn of work and responsibility it is?

    try not to be upset and frustrated. it is a difficult situation and the only way to resolve is by you both beign honest. good luck.

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