Confusion about movement, need your help pls??


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Apr 17, 2005
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Hi Ladies, just a quick question!

Last night I had this really strong flutter in between where my belly button is and under my ribcage and at one point it was a thump a couple of times. I had hubby feel it and my oldest son felt it. Now I thought it was way to early to feel movements or kicks from the outside, and 2, I thought for being only roughly 15wks that would be waaaaay to high to feel anything???? What do you gals think? I am really confused right now!!! :?

xoxo Ree
Hi Ree,

I'm 14 weeks today and for about a couple of weeks have felt a little flutter just above my pubic bone and thought the same as you, that it's way too early to feel anything and thought it was probably just wind or something!
I guess each one of us is different and it prob was you little one you felt.. they do say that you may be able to feel something from about 16 weeks so I don't see why it can't be your baby you can feel. Very exciting!! :D
Keep us posted.

Hi Ree

My midwife told me that your uterus reaches your belly button at around 20 weeks so it does seem quite high up to be baby moving. But everyone's different and your description sounds like baby movements - it just seems so high up as you say!

Is it your first baby? Maybe if it's your second then your uterus stretches more quickly - I'm not really sure! You'll soon know though as once you feel baby for the first time, you'll notice it more and more, and if other people can feel it, you'll be able to see little movements from the outside :D.

hi ree was probably the baby moving around maybe made everthing above move a little too but like whats already been said everyone is different :) xxxxxx
Hi guys!

This is my 5th child, and I don't know if the uterus grows quicker or not, but I have felt the baby moving for a few weeks now, I could it more before when I was dehydrated but since I have been rehydrated I have not felt it as much. It does feel like the baby moving but it is stronger now and it seems to be only in one spot but again I still think it maybe to high!!! I don't know tho, oh boy what if it is twins!!!! :shock: I said that to hubby last night and he damn near had a heartattack!!!!! lol There aren't any twins in my family but as they say they must start somewhere!! I'm probably grasping at straws, I guess I am just looking for something to justify what I am feeling. If it is not the baby what do you guys think it could be. Like I said it stays in the same spot and I am still feeling it today. Any insight would be appreciated!! :D

xoxo Ree

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