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    May 19, 2005
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    Hey, well i am a week late, and having some symptoms that are all related to being preganant. I keep getting these headaches, and i really never get headaches. Also i have been eating a tone way more than normal, i have had some slight cramps but nothing i have really worried about.Kind of constipated, a little soreness in my breasts but not much, then a little heartburn, but i do pee all the time like wow i am always in the bathroom. THat is not normal for me at all i would usually go like 3 times a day now i go three time just in the middle of the night. But anyways this morning i took a test and it came up negative now i don't no what to do i am so confused. Please help if you can it would be much appreciated. thanks lots of luv
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    May 17, 2005
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    Hiya Nikley

    My name is Kieren & I am a Midwife. I couldn't help but notice your posting. A couple of questions - is your period usually reliable i.e. regular? Have you used any contraception (other than condoms) recently?

    The reason I'm asking is that there can be several factors involved in the symptoms you describe - if you are irregular then your period may be just around the corner, also if you have just come off the pill then this can also send your periods out of sync.

    You could be pregnant - Have you tried another pregnancy test?

    If the test fails, then it is possible that you have a urinary tract infection which can cause stomach cramps and headaches; which could also explain the increased frequency. Does it sting when you go for a wee?

    Failing this you could have a sexually transmitted disease (STD) - do you know your partner's history well?

    In either case it would be worthwhile going to your Doctor, who might take a urine sample off you and get it analysed.

    Often stress/smoking/eating too much or too little can cause these symptoms too. If you are constipated then make sure you drink at least 2 litres (approx 8 glasses) of fluid a day - and I don't mean alcohol lol.

    Hope this is of any help - let me know what your GP says.

    Good Luck

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