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Mar 24, 2005
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I am trying to get Jack into a routine of feeding.

I am trying to feed him at 10, 2, 6 etc.

I am basing this on a 3 hourly feed going from when he has finished his feed. So for the 10 feed it will be from 11, count 3 hours which takes you to 2 and so on. (feeds taking an hour)

Am I doing this right? Should I be timing it from the start of the feed or should it be the end of the feed.

If taken from the start of the feed it would be 10, 1, 4.

I am basing this on the 11, 3, 7 routine suggested by some of you but also the 'contented little baby book'. Im just getting myself all confused!!!

Any advice or help :? Hope it makes sense.

What is everyone else doing?


you count from the beginning of the feed sadly! We were doing a 4 hour thing- 11, 3. 7 but have been thrown out now by him going longer at night. Sometimes during the day he will naturally go longer than at other times though. Midday he'll go 5 hours- evening he will only go three before asking for food. We're trying to heavily adapt Ford's routine at the moment. Trouble is hers is based in an average daily sleep time of about 16 hours whereas he averages 11- not sure when the difference should be yet!

Good luck! It seems to go well for a few days for us and then it goes off again but I think that's just natural as he's still young.

oh right, so Jack is going 4 hours then, thats kinda cool!

Yes it went well for a few days but a family member fed him yesterday and didnt feed them enough on formula so last night was a nightmare.

He was waking 1.5-2 hourly. Seemed to have got it back again now though. (fingers crossed)

There is so much to learn and so much I dont know!!! :?
lulu said:
There is so much to learn and so much I dont know!!! :?

I know what you mean! It's the steepest learning curve of my life!

I think we've been thrown out by a growth spurt this week- not a lot you can do about that! I went to a post-natal class this afternoon and the women with 12 weeks old babies said that they could tell the growth spurts at 3 and 6 and 12 weeks by more demand for food and broken sleeping at night for a few days. Kinda hope that's it anyway as we've had the worst week sleep-wise since the first week and everyone says it gets better...!

Just off for a super early night while the dh has him in case we have another night of it!

i just feed braydon wen he wants it lol. the midwife kept trying to get me to feed him every 4 hour but i decided hell let me know wen he wants feeding
sorry i couldnt be more help
sarah and braydon x x
i have been demand feeding since the beginning - ewan wants food every two hours and will usually wake twice during the night for a feed.
I don't think you can force a baby to have a full feed - they will only take as much they want - and sometimes bring half of it back! Defo with the growth sppurts he was more grumpy and at times feeding every hour. he is now nearing five months old and is feeding every 3 hours along with starting weaning too

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