Jun 2, 2005
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hi all.
sorry i havent been on here for a bit.but well done to u all that have got your big BFP.well im here for some advice so if anyone can help i will be very here goes.i lost my bean back in may even though i was gutted me and dh were determined to try again lmp was the 14 may and i was due on the 16 june.i did a first response two days later and it was negative (boo hoo).but the problem is i havent had no af symtoms.i normally get backache and cramping leading up to my af.but this month nothing.this morning i thought it had arrived but when i wiped there were two tiny(like the size of a pin head)spots of blood and very watery brown discharge.the only pg symptoms that i have had is sore breast.and they seemed so hard that they were shiny(whats that all about).they really u think i should leave it a few more days and test again or is this the dreaded af starting.thank you for reading.luv lyndsey :?
to be honest with you i wouldn't use first response again, no one i have spoke to have had the right result with them.

My advice would be to go out and but a cheap 2.99 test, trust me they were the only ones that worked for me, i was 5 days late when i got BFP and lots of negatives before that from expensive tests.

i think the cheaper ones are more sensitive.

Hope this helps
Good luck

P.s that was the only sympton i had to!! plus missed AF :D :D :D

well here's my story, i came off the depo injection october 2004 first afl in march 2005, late for next month's period. may 14th 15th i had two days bleeding 3 days brown discharge and two days where i just wiped pink, my doctor told me that it was just my period and my body was just trying to get back to normal, anyway i never got my period again, i started to feel bloated, lots of heartburn i started to gag when brushing my teeth but for only 3 days, i also had a very sharp pain go through my nipple which i thought was weird, i can't drink coffee, tuna fish just really smells gross, i've had a very bad taste in my mouth for a week which won't go away.

Anyway i just finish taking a first response test today its a BFP******** wooooooooohoooooooooo

First Reponse just worked for me, by the way the bleeding i got was IMPLANTATION, Good Luck to all you Beatiful Ladies out there, I wish you all the best. I'm the happiest person in the world right now so is my DH, He's left for work to tell all his mates, as two of his mates girlfriends are already pregnant.

I guess it does go in three's......... LOL...........
well, first response worked for me - after only 10 seconds i got two bright red lines!!

i'd say give it a couple of days and if you don't come on do another test!

good luck! :D

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