Confused??? IB or AF

Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by cedwards007, Jun 23, 2016.

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    So I usually wouldn't do this but I'm super confused and need some opinions.

    I am 26 and currently deployed(only for another week) so I wasn't TTC at this exact time.
    AF usually comes right on time or within a day either way, starts as light brown spotting but that usually never lasts more than a half a day. My periods are usually EXTREMELY heavy, to the point where I have to use ultra tampons and a pad(sorry TMI).

    This month I was supposed to start on the Jul 22.
    Around the 17th(9DPO) my BBs got very tender and sore which isn't a common occurrence for me but isn't unheard of either, and I had white creamy CM.

    10DPO & 11DPO - tender/full feeling BBs and white creamy CM
    12DPO- light brown spotting about midday and then nothing, tender BBs, thought It was AF starting, tender BBs
    13DPO- a little heavier brown thought it was AF so used tampon, removed tampon 6.5 hours later barely anything on it and nothing the rest of the day, tender/sore BBs
    14DPO- nothing in the morning, light pink bleeding after lunch time that stopped a few hours later and nothing the rest of the day, Tender BBs (day AF suppose to come)
    15DPO- woke up to very light flow red blood used tampon, bled through tampon 2 hours later so put in another, Extremely painful cramps(which is normal for AF) but accompanied by a weird lightheaded feeling.

    I'm so confused I don't know if this is becAuse of stress(usually doesn't affect my cycle) or what, I don't know if It's AF or something else like MC or EP???
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