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Discussion in 'Combination Feeding' started by Kimi89, Sep 15, 2017.

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    This is not so much a question but me just opening up on feelings! My baby is 5 weeks on Sunday and I mainly BF with the occasional formula bottle. This is because I struggled to express and needed my husband to help with feeds. I don't find BF a bonding experience like some mums do, for me it's draining and can make me feel down at times. I want to carry on as long as possible and fingers crossed express more. I have already been thinking of when I can start weaning (4-5 months if baby is ready) because I want to take off the pressure of BF. I know I could add more formula feeds but the midwife said once made it lasts for 2 hours so I have no idea how people manage to regularly feed without having get to make up fresh bottles when the baby shows signs of being hungry. Surely there is a way to prepare bottles in advance to a certain extent! I do feel pressured to mainly breastfeed so don't want to let anyone down especially my baby but I don't know if I can BF for another 5/6 months or longer!
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    Get some fenugreek or something to up your supply. I had bad supply and that got me to stop early. I used ready made milk as I had no idea when he needed feeding at that age and it dried up my supply pretty quick.

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    Kimi89 - Don't worry about what anyone else thinks, do what it right for you.
    Do you have access to a breastfeeding support group? If you do, I would recommend going. I find that its great to talk to other moms. The group I go to are very open and I find that a lot of my worries/struggles are the same as others in the group. Its a nice to be able to discuss the good and bad aspects of breastfeeding with people who won't judge you.

    From my own experience, breastfeeding got a lot easier after 2 months. This is when my son started to feed less often, so he was no longer permanently attached to me :)

    If you decide that breastfeeding isn't right for you, don't fixate on it. A happy mommy equals a happy baby.
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    It's such a shame you don't enjoy it, granted it is hard to start with! Believe me it does get easier as time goes on and feeds become lessc regular as they start solids and sleep better etc :)
    To start with it felt like DS was attached to me constantly, it was draining and I just wanted a break and just an hour to myself would have been great, but now at 9 months he has 2 feeds through the day, one before bed and one first thing so only 4 in total. He let's me know when he needs it and I always offer so it's not like I have tried to reduce feeds either. He has just started accepting bits of water and is on 3 small meals a day.
    It really is worth sticking with if you can, for nutrition, immune support, gut health, brain development etc :) it also has long term benefits for you (reduced risk of breast cancer for example).
    I was unable to express, and DS wouldn't take a bottle anyway and i didn't want to use formula so I have breastfed exclusively. However I have been lucky as I enjoy feeding and I haven't had to go back to work yet. Also hubby has to work away a lot so he has never been around to help with feeds anyway so it's never made a difference to me as DS is with me all the time.
    Everybody has different circumstances (work, mental health, supportive or unsupportive partners, the ability to breastfeed or not in the first place etc), and only you know what is best for you and your baby, so please don't feel pressured if you can't make it work. BUT it really is worth sticking with if you can, it does get easier (plus it's free and less messing around making bottles ) :)
    Have you tried bottle prep machines? I'm sure they do them with timers on so you can set them to whatever time DC would be next due a feed etc. I'm not sure how it all works with formula though x

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