Confused! Could I be PG? Help!

Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by LauraJane_xo, Dec 31, 2016.

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    As the title reads... I'm so stupidly confused. I am hoping some of you lovelies may be able to shed some light onto this for me, if not give me your advice/opinion.

    Okay, here goes!

    I had my contraceptive implant (IUD) taken out on the 6th December, I started my first period on the 7th December this lasted the usual 5 days... I then calculated my next period would be around January 4th which again sounds around about right for me.
    I looked up the ovulation calendars and the date range I got for an average 28 day cycle was as follows - Sunday 18th December - Saturday 24th December.
    I DTD on the 18th, 21st and 22nd if I remember correctly.


    Before the birth of my first child I was prone to getting poorly! Every year around November/December I'd get tonsillitis and I'd get a cold every now and then.

    After the birth of my daughter, I literally never got poorly any more. No more tonsillitis (been that way for 3 years now) and I've not had one cold since! I've been fine and dandy for 3yrs, no illnesses at all, not even one!

    But, yesterday I woke up feeling like I'd been ran over by a train... I have developed the worst cold in the world! I've not felt like this for a good 3 years!

    So, my question starts here...

    Obviously pregnancy weakens your immune system in order to fend for the baby... Me having this cold? Could it be a sign?
    The other day I literally could not stop eating for the life of me.
    My mood swings have been going crazy.

    I've got no cramping or anything that feels similar to AF but I am so confused!

    It's been almost 4yrs since my first pregnancy... I've slept since then, haha.
    All I remember is a LOT of morning sickness, problems, hospital and pain!

    Thank you in advance!

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