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May 23, 2005
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hi. my period is 8 days late now and ive tested twice at home both times come up positive, 1st time very faintly, 2nd right away and dark. 2 days ago i had slight spotting of dark brown blood. no clots and no cramping went with it. went to the doctors today to get pregnancy confirmed but the nurse wouldnt test the sample i took in with me which was my first wee of the day. she said all samples had to be done there and then to prevent people taking in someone elses sample so she threw mine straight away and gave me the usual sample tube and told me to do what i could. but id just been before i went in to see her so i could only manage a few milimeters and i also noticed id had some more spotting. it was only the size of a 5p so wasnt much but i told her anyway when i went back in. she did the test with the little bit of sample i had managed to do and it came up negative so she said the bleeding i was having was my period and next time to wait more time before i go for a test. Ive read on here in several posts that you cant get false positive test, so what happened with mine and could this bleeding be my period? ive had no more since the little 5p sized amount that i saw at the doctors and the bleeding i had the other day wasnt all that much either and was no where near heavy enough to be a period. if ive miscarried wouldnt i have had cramps and heavier bleeding? or could the test that came up negative at the doctors be wrong. ive never had a late period except for when i was pregnant with my others and i had all the symptoms sore boobs, bad taste in mouth. needing to wee alot etc. luckily id only told daddy and 2 friends but i still felt like a idiot telling them it was negative after all.
What you experienced could be implantation bleeding. It happens alot of the time. Some women even still have their af and are pregnant. Don't give up yet. That nurse was wrong to tell you it was your period. Just give it a bit more time and test again. You can get a false negative. Good luck!!! And did you try a blood test? Good luck!! If it makes you feel better, my friend has gotten false negatives in blood and urine but postives at home pregnancy test. Trust me she is pregnant as can be! So Good luck to you, Maximum!! My fingers are crossed for you!

Hi Maximum

There's another woman on here called Marielise who has had the same problem, 4 BFP's with home pregnancy tests but BFN at docs. It is easy to get a false negative but not a false positive and like trevinosbaby said, the bleeding could be implantation bleeding and the nurse should not have told you otherwise.
Give it a couple more days and test again although I think it is most likely you are pregnant considering the 2 BFP's.
I wish you all the luck in the world
Love Jools xx
Thanks for your replies. ive not had any more bleeding since the very small amount at the doctors. I will give it until saturday morning and if ive not had anything that looks like a proper period by then i will do another home test. ive still got the symptoms of pregnancy but ive had a real bad cold past couple of days so i dont know if the tiredness and feeling sick is due to that but fingers crossed and i will let you know how i go on. x

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