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Discussion in 'First Trimester' started by penelope28, Aug 12, 2016.

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    Hello! Any help and advice on this one would be greatly appreciated... as Im an expat living in Thailand, the medical care is very different and along with language barriers and not terribly kind or empathetic Drs.
    The date of my first day of last period was 15th may. Pregnancy scan on the 29th July showed empty womb.. no pregnancy. 7th July was a positive home pregnancy test. 25th July ultrasound showed gestational sac, 6th Aug showed grown gestational sac but still no baby. 11th Aug ... ultrasound shows 3cm sac and 2mm baby, no heartbeat.
    My Dr has diagnosed an inevitable miscarriage and estimates pregnancy to be 8weeks... as he is literally going by my last period date? He went into awful details about what was going to happen miscarrying, and when I asked him if he is sure he said almost definitely.. no empathy just extremely medical.
    However the dr who performed the last ultrasound advised pregnancy is possibly normal but only 5weeks??
    When questioned, it seems neither dr consults with the other.
    I have been given two weeks before follow up appointment in which he 'is sure' miscarriage will happen.
    Does anyone have anything to add or possibly help me with this one? Hugely in limbo and it's an awful feeling:(

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