Confused about Clothing in the tropics

Discussion in 'Ask a Mum!' started by MauritiusMum, Jul 4, 2021.

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    Hello parents!

    I am a new mother of a 16 week baby girl.

    I’m not sure I am posting in the right place but I really need help. I have looked online quite a bit for guides on how to dress my baby, especially for sleep and sadly the online information isn’t working out for us as it is all from European/ American countries.

    I live on an island that is VERY humid, particularly where I live. I’m talking steamy windows and dehumidifier to keep the mold away. Our towels don’t dry after a shower without a dehumidifier in the room.

    My main issue is that the clothing charts for sleeping babies contradict other “rules”, like the one that says baby should sleep in one more layer. For example, at 22 degrees, charts recommend a TOG 1 sleep sack with a short sleeve and leg babygrow, or a TOG 0.5 with a long sleeve and leg babygrow. However, that seems a bit cold for my girl as I sleep with a long sleeve T-shirt, bed sheet, blanket and bed cover on top of me. In my long sleeve t shirt, if I am not under my covers, I can feel the cold seeping into my skin.

    I am currently trying a TOG 1 (I think it is that?) penguin sleep sack from Woolworths with a very thin cotton babygrow (from Woolworth’s too).

    i am absolutely terrified of her overheating while I’m asleep and would like to know if there are any Mums on here that live in the tropics and would like to share their experience/ tips on clothing for sleep?

    Thank you!
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    She will wake you up if she's uncomfortable. But as for the humidity, you feel heat a lot more than if it were dryer. If you check her temp (neck/head) and it feels hot and clammy then she's probably dressed too hot.x
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    We don't live in the tropics (Charlotte, NC) but it can be very hot and humid here. With my daughter in the summer, I kept her in a onesie or light short pajamas and a lightweight sleeveless sleep sack for bedtime. When she was very little, I'd also put a baby cap on since they lose most of their body heat through the head.
    When she's older, some of the light cotton kimono-style pajama sets like the Japanese use for children would be great. My sister sent us some and they are perfect for keeping kids cool and dry in the hottest nights.
    You're right to be concerned since babies can't regulate their temperatures on their own right away, but I'm sure the baby will wake, cry and let you know when she's uncomfortable. If the bedroom gets very humid, try using a dehumidifier - the white noise may also help baby sleep better.

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