Concerned about low urine output xx

Discussion in 'First Trimester' started by theosmummy, Feb 18, 2012.

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    Hi everyone,
    This is my second pregnancy but my first little boy is nearly 5 so i cant remember much!
    I had a coil when I got pregnant but this baby is very much wanted as we were going to start trying in March.
    Ive had blood tests and my HCG is lovely and high and Ive had two scans, 1 at 4 weeks to look for coil, one at 5 weeks which showed the yolk sac in the right place and having one next week when Ill be 8 weeks and everything is going great, feel sick, sore boobs, all the good signs.
    However after 3 weeks of weeing constantly my urine output has suddenly dropped, im drinking water almost constantly as it wards of my nausea but i ony go to the loo 4 times a day and dont produce much, ive measured today in an old jug and only passed 450mls so far in 3 wee's.
    Could the baby be trapped between my pubic bone and bladder stopping me emptying or should i be concerned? in my sons pregnancy journal it says i was peeing like a racehorse till 12 weeks anyone else got this??
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    Hey hun, I was really ill at the start of my pregnancy (not pregnancy related) and as a result got really badly dehydrated. I think in the end it took a good week for me to start peeing a normal amount again lol and now I can't stop! It could be a possibility that you're just dehydrated even if you have been drinking lots and it might take more than a few days for all to return to normal. Could also be possible that you have a urine infection or the like which would effect how much you can pee. Try get to your GP on mon hun, they'll have more answers and will help you if need be xxxx

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