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Discussion in 'Second Trimester' started by BellaRiven, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. BellaRiven

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    Sep 27, 2010
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    Beware the rant coming....

    I mean me!

    Apparently since I told work I am pregnant my opinions, years of service, experiance for the job and things I have said are completely irrelevant!!!!

    I work on a IT helpdesk and I said not to raise a call as it had been raised previously and we were advised that we wouldn't fix it!!! so what have they done about a month ago they raised without letting me know (it's one of my key clients) and lo and behold they have been told we can't fix it!!!!!!!!!!

    If they had just listened to me a month ago when I told them not to they wouldn;t have wasted time on it grrrrrrrr

    I have been with this company 3 years doing the same job and have oodles of experiance to hand over little picky bits about clients etc and I am just being ignored when I say things, I honestly don't get it, it's like since I told them they think my brain has upped and run away, if that's the case I may as well just go on leave now!!!!!

    Sorry for the rant but it's really p****d me off and there is no point ranting to the 'boss man' as he is the worst culprit, i'm just feeling as if I have become invisible and completely irrelevant and I can't wait to go on leave and never come back now.

    Ok I'm done, again sorry for the rant :(
  2. Karate Kid

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    Sep 1, 2011
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    I can completely relate! I work in Finance and I work with three guys, one of them is brilliant the other two are so opinionated and backwards! Since letting them know I am pregnant my opinion doesn't seem to matter, eventually they come up with the same conclusion as if it was there idea/though process.

    It is so irritating.... Hubby and I have decided that we can just about manage for me to leave work for a few years so I am just grinning and bearing it as work do not know about my long term plans.

    Hope things look up for you hun, they will miss your experience when you are on Maternity leave. x
  3. lyndsey_28

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    Oct 5, 2011
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    oh i so know how you feel

    but mine is not pregnancy related always been the same!!

    i work on customer services for a supermarket have done for 7 years this year and there refund policy is always changing etc and we have to just get on with it :shakehead:
    but it pees me right of when we stick to the rules of the policy, have arguments etc with customers over their policies for customers to demand to be seen by a manager who them comes down and overules all that has been said, policies etc and gives the customer what they want and then make u look and feel like idiots!!!!!!!

    some days i sooooo wannnna screeeeaaammm!!!

    glad i only there to til 2nd march, then im of until may 2013 :dance: woop woop xx

    hope it gets better for you :)
  4. kanga86

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    May 9, 2011
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    I think all work places are useless when women get pregnant. I'm only a cleaning supervisor at a leisure centre so not that important, but they seem to try and treat me like normal when it is physically impossible for me to do my jobs. I use buffing machines which I'm not allowed to use now but it doesn't stop them pestering me to get the floors done!! Grrr xxx

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