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    I have found it hard to come across posts regarding CMV. At my 20 week scan they found that our baby had slightly echogenic bowel and did some viral blood tests. 2 weeks later we went back for another fetal medicine scan and it turns out that i tested positive for CMV, suggestive that it is a primary infection caught between 6-8 weeks of my pregnancy. I feel so unlucky that i may have caught it at this time as i have read it is the most dangerous and high risk time to catch the infection for the baby. I am trying to stay positive but am finding it quite hard most of the time as alot of the outcomes i have read from people are worrying.

    I have come across experimental trials to HIG Hyperimmunoglobin treatment to prevent symptons in the unborn baby, i was wondering if anybody else has heard of this? And how i would go about getting this?

    Thank you in advance for any advice/insight :)
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    My sister contracted cmv during pregnancy, although didn't find out until her baby was born. Luckily Phoebe (my niece) was quickly diagnosed when she failed her newborn hearing test (cmv is the most common reason for newborn hearing loss). She was on medication for the first year of her life to stop the virus spreading. Phoebe will be two tomorrow and is meeting all her milestones. She's deaf in one ear and started walking about a month ago, so slightly delayed, but perfect and happy and we're so proud of her. As they know already, your baby can get straight on the meds and will be fine. There's a fab group on fb called CMV action uk. Sadly, not many people are aware of cmv and so it can be quite frustrating. Pm me if you need any advice. X

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