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Jun 14, 2005
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me and oh are trying to win a contest. I will post the link but i am hoping that with the support from you guys that you can vote for us and help us win the wedding we deserve. we have already signed the papers and are legally married but really want a wedding with family and freinds. please check out the link and vote for leslie and elvis. thanks a bunch post here once you have voted . so i can keep track. also you can vote more than once and i have the next 13 days to get as many votes as possible. Thank you so much, ... gvote.aspx

p.s. the article says fiance because family has no idea we got married. we kinda did it on the sly. Mom is stilll overprotective. once a mom always a mom huh. it only takes a few minutes to vote. I need all the support in the world. thanks a bunch.
I have voted and will vote a few more times for you, hope you get the wedding you dream of love amy x
thank you so much for you spuport. not only that but then you guys can see what we look like there is a picture there of us.
i voted 5 times with 5 different email addresses lol! I dnt want them to think that I was cheating so i'll do more later hehe :)

i let you know earlier i voted but just added my bf e-mail too, ill let you know how many more i do take care

Just thought ide let you know i voted 17 more times with my friends and familys e-mail. Hope i helped. :D And good luck to you guys.
thank you guys so much. i feel really good like i am gonna win this. I am getting so excited. any tips on getting married. i have never had a wedding and i am nervous to be standing in front of a bunch of people. Keep voting and you can vote as many times as you want. there is no rule against it. you guys are the best. thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Leslie y Elvis
i found a fool proof way to keep putting in votes with out all the work if you click on my name then enter your email click vote when it says your vote has been sucessfully recorded hit the backspace ke yon your keyboard and click vote again, keep doing this and you only have to click vote each time you go back to the page your emaiol and my pick is all ready there. please keep voting. thanks a bunch. luv yall.
Hi, I voted for u 10 times. will do somemore later. good luck
Rachel xx
thanks ladies, i am so excited. thank you, thank you, thank you, remember to keep votin utnil october 12th at midnight. I really appreciate it. I am so excited. I am hoping to save enough money to honeymood in cozumel mexico so that we can see OH family. I have nver met them. Talk to them all the time but never met them. keep up the good work ladies.
ortunatly i did not win. i was really bummed out but it is for thebest. i am tooo stressed to have to worry about that right now. but thanks anyways.

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