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    Hi , I don't think I am ovulating due to PCOS. I have 2 children my first was with injectables and timed intercourse. I am with a different partner now who wants children. My question is will I need to pay for clomid as I have had children before??? Do I need to go private??? Thank you xx
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    Hiya, I don't think there is a clear answer to this. It does seem to depend where you live. In my area treatment is only available for couples who have no living children (so that means if either partner has a child they won't fund). However the good news is clomid isn't that expensive compared with most fertility treatments, as an example my nearest private clinic - a private consultation is about £300, scans are about £180 and the actual clomid is under £20.

    Have you used clomid before? If so they may not require scans if they know how you respond. If you haven't used it before I would get the scans, then you know if the dose is right for you or not.

    First thing to do is go to your GP and check if you can get anything on the NHS or if private is the way to go. Good luck :)

    PS there is a clomid thread a bit lower down with the current clomid cycle ladies if you wish to join.

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