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Jul 16, 2005
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i had taken a clear blue digital test and it had showed up "Not pregnant", but once i had removed the cartridge i looked at the result window and it had shown up a very clear line in the control and a faint line where a positive shows up. Mabye the result was not clear enough for the holder to receive. Does that mean i am pregnant?
Unfortuantely - the lines on the test mean nthing. I gave them a call one day to ask them after getting a negative once before and that's what they told me. They said if there is any hormone it will pick it up.

But then that's why I don't like then. At least with a normal 'two lines' test you can see exactly.

Sorry it probably wasn't what you wanted me to say. I'd try another traditional test. I know you've just spent £15 on it, but I trust lines now.

By the way - when are you due on?

thanks for the reply. i was due on thursday but i have experienced alot of symptoms relating to pregnancy but then again i could be feeling them because i want to feel them. i was due for a smear on thurs so i told my doc. she had a feel about and she said that there was a good chance i was and that she wasn't gonna go through with the smear.she told me im better testing in a few weeks rather that a few days for a more definite result. what do u think. should i test then or should i try in a few more days?
I got a positive result after 2 days. It is more reliable to wait 2 weeks after missed period but it's hard to wait that long! I'd get a box of two and test now or in a couple of days if you want and if you till don't get a definte result the try again in a week or so. Also, do the test first thing in the morning when your HCG is at it's strongest.

Let us know how you get on xx
Well I trusted the clearblue test result so much that I didn't test again.

I didn't believe that I would be able to cope with trying to analyse blue lines so I went for something that spells it out to you.

I was very happy with the digital test personally and the result was very very quick.
Sorry I didn't mean to say you were trusting false info Sarah :oops:
I just meant that if you are testing early then the line one can help. I'm not sure what the HCG level detectable is on clearblue digital which is why I used sticks. Sorry x
well gals i have taken the other 2 tests and they still show up with 2 faint lines but i have done some investigating and that there as been alot of complaints about clearblue digital.
I had went on the the unipath website( the creator of clearblue) and downloaded their technical brochure. It has a diagram of what happens inside the machine and yes it is like every other preg test. 2 lines preg and 1 line means not preg.theonly difference is that ur not ment to see the result line. the intensity is measured by a red light that flashes onto the result and sends the message to the display.if the result is not intense enough at that moment then it will display not pregnant but 2 lines still mean pregnant.

what do u think gals. Could i be carrying a little miracle?

here is the link ... ochure.pdf
I dont trust clear blue, they told me twice that i was not pregnant when i knew i was coz i had tests twice before hand with diffrent make tests on the same day

Id get a diffrent brand test and try again, good luck


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