Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor and IC OPKs

Discussion in 'OPK Testing Gallery' started by Jem1, Jan 23, 2016.

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    Hi ladies!

    This is my first month trying to conceive with the help of the clearblue advanced fertility monitor. I also decided to use some internet cheapies to back up the cbafm, I've been getting highs for about 6 days and yesterday was no different. Not sure why I decided to do an opk when I did but at lunch time I did one and got a strong positive, this morning the OPKs have faded to negatives but the monitor gave me a peak reading. My hubby isn't very well but luckily we managed to bd last night but not sure we will manage tonight...
    I thought I'd post a picture of the results for you to see and see what anyone's thoughts are. I'd love a bfp this month as we've been trying over a year hence the monitor and hoping once is enough....

    Ps, sorry about the water on the pic, didn't realise it was on the side when I put the paper down!!

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    Hi When I used a monitor it took a while for it to get used to my cycle. Maybe the cheapies were 10miu and the monitor sticks are 20?! So the cheapies caught it right at the beginning of the surge? Good luckXx

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