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Apr 24, 2020
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I am struggling for boy names. My boyfriend loves Clark but - baby would be Called - Clark Kent. Thoughts?
the only name we agree on is Warren. Any suggestions welcome :)
Not keen on Clark Kent, sorry. I feel your child will forever be called superman.
Warren is cute x
It's by no means a bad name but Superman isn't going away. He's pretty consistent in super hero pop culture so you'd have to decide how much that would bother you. People will 100% make the reference.

Saying that, I went to school with a Tom Jones and he got on perfectly fine :)
Yeah you are going to have people go ‘really? Clark Kent?’ Kryptonite jokes etc

Shame, as Clark is really cute

I have Frederick if this one is a boy, Freddie for short

im rubbish with suggestions, Warren is lovely :)
Yes I’m sorry to say when I first read the thread title I said out loud “is that a joke?” Even though it’s a great and solid name, you just can’t escape that reference. I think Warren Kent is an incredible name. Warren Kent is unstoppable!
Don't name him Clark Kent, even people who have zero interest in superheroes will get the reference. If you really love the name you could give him your surname or hyphenate the surname so it's not just Kent?

Warren Kent is a great name though.
Just remembered I know an Ethan Kent, which I always thought sounded great :)
Clark is a nice name, but Superman has ruined it for you. Thomas is a nice name for me.

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