Chronic villitis and raised AFP levels

Discussion in 'High Risk Pregnancy' started by Willow16, Sep 3, 2016.

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    In 2013 while pregnant with my daughter I was found to have higher than normal levels of AFP. Had a scan at 18 weeks to check for spina bifida but all was good. Thought rest of pregnancy progressed as normal. Delivered my daughter 40 weeks 4 days by emergency section due to bring undetected breach. My daughter was unexpectedly small for her age and placenta was small and inflamed. Results from test showed chronic villitis of unknown cause.
    Daughters growth has caught up. I still have worries about the effects of the chronic villitis on her but overall she seems to be doing well.
    I am now 13weeks pregnant with end baby. I recently started in a course of asprin although reading up on chronic villitis I think perhaps I should be given steroids too. I am seeing consultant in just over a week and will raise this with him. I will also be having frequent growth scans due to risks to baby of I have chronic villitis again.
    I decided to post this as I believe all women who have high AFP score should get closer monitoring to ensure best possible outcome for baby.

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