Christmas Present for OH from baby?


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Aug 31, 2006
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Is anyone else buying their OH a crimbo pressie from their unborn baby? I wanted to get mt OH a little gift from the LO but i don't know what. I remember someone saying they were getting their OH a photoframe with a 'I love daddy' message on it, maybe i could do that and put the 20 week scan photo in it? :D
Anyone else thinking of doing the same, tell me so I can nick your creative ideas :lol: !
well my bump has bought his Daddy a gift , its a DVD not at all creative but what he wants.
that sounds lovely hunny, im not PG anymore but when i was in clintons i saw a card that said for my daddy to be it was so cute i remember thinking if i was still PG id get that for ian but im not so i cant. It would be lovely if you did, i got my mum and dad cqards from Alfie before his was born for mothers and fathers day.
I've gone fpor practicality ..( puts boring hat on) and got him a book about dads first year :D

Sad thing is tho he'll prob love it as he moans there's not enough out there for dads :D
ok decided to get the OH a mousemat instead (mainly because we need one and the only other thing i could chose from was a t-shirt,hat,mug or a jigsaw). so i went and ordered it today and i got to pick it up on friday. This is the design i went for (the font will be different and without the little*red watermark!):

What do you guys think? I hope he likes it (it only cost £10). :D
when i was pregnant i boughtDH a prezzie for fathers day off my bump and if she hadnt been prem and still in my belly for xmas i probs would have got him something small off her
thanks for this idea i got OH superman returns on dvd from his little boy and put in it "thanks for looking after mummy and being her hero!! "how cheesey is that :lol: i love it!!
To o with his mug, I go some ear plugs and a sleep eye mask from baby, to help with the sleepless nights!!! :rotfl:
the photo frame was my idea!!!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
glad i could be of some use :D :D

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