Christmas gift rant!!!


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Aug 23, 2008
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Sorry but i feel a bit hacked off so i thought i best get it all off my chest!

Well this year is going to be tight (as for most people) so i have made some gifts for my family because i know they will truly appriciate them, but for Roberts family we both knew it would be best to buy.

Last night i was talking to MIL about christmas and she said she wasn't sure what to get my SIL and her boyfriend, i said that i had decided to buy them something lovely for their house as it their first christmas living together (plus my mum owns a gorgeous shop that sells gifts for the home and i get 50% off so i would save some money) MIL said that they had everything so i said no i mean like something decorative and special, she then said i should ask them what they wanted. I felt a bit annoyed at that to be honest.

Then she said do you know what i want, and i said she had mentioned which she replied yeah but i need shoes and boots too!

Now don't get me wrong i am not tight and i would like to get her things she wants but i have been brought up thinking that christmas is about giving gifts not deciding what you want from each other like a trade off!

Maybe i am, over reacting but i love christmas and i have my own traditions, Roberts family have no traditions and they always know what they are getting, my SIL even used wrap her own presents up when she lived at home!!!
This is one of the reasons i hate christmas, im one of the grumps that sees it as commercial crap im afraid and it makes people greedy.
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well i think shes a cheeky c**!after all moneys tight for a lot of people and it is supposed to be the thought that should be about sharing and receiving and giving (apart from the religious significance of course).
unfortunately for many it has become commercialised and dont have the real xmas of been mad too.
I can't stand it when people are like that. I would rather have a gift that cost £1 or something that someone made that I know a lot of thought and effort went in to than something flashy cos someone wanted to look good. Christmas is far too commercial these days :shakehead:
My hubby told her that 'you get what your given' and she phoned me yesterday in a panic saying that she didn't mean it to sound like that and i could buy what i wanted!

For me my kids come first and if i have any money left i buy for my family but like i said this year i have chosen to make a few presents because i think that christmas has lost its true meaning which is a real shame.

I have even started a new tradition for my LO's I have written them their very own christmas story and i will write a new one every year for them to have on christmas eve with their p.j's. :D

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