Chemical pregnancy advice?

Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by Hope1992, Oct 31, 2016.

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    Hi girls...
    Been a while since I posted on here.
    Not trying to conceive or anything, but missed a few pills over the last couple of months (were going to start trying again but then decided to change jobs so started retaking pill, then a few weeks later missed a couple).
    So a couple of weeks ago I started feeling really sickly, especially around strong smells, felt like I could smell things a mile off, dizzy, really tired (although that could be the 6 month old little monkey keeping us awake!) and just generally not like myself, lots of cramping and back ache and started producing quite a bit of milk again (stopped BF middle September but still seem to have a little milk left). Had lots and lots of egg white CM (sorry TMI I know!!!) which seemed to turn quite thick after a couple of days of having it. Decided to do a test so used boots first- BFN x2. Then decided to do a clear blue (didn't realise they have a bad reliability factor!) which i instantly saw a blue line on but seemed to disappear so just threw it away after a couple of minutes and tried to put it out of my head. When I was emptying the bin that night I noticed it sticking out of the top with a massive line on, did another later on and again a faint line there. Tried two days later with FRER and bfn. Also started to get really bad cramping and brown discharge at this point for 2 days (not like me at all- never have any bleeding on pill)... Sorry for the long drawn out essay! Just wondered if it sounds like a chemical pregnancy?
    I don't know anything really about them I've just heard them mentioned a couple of times... OH thinks Im crazy for thinking it over but its getting to me as I just felt like I did with first pregnancy then it seemed to disappear after a few days :wall2:
    Thanks ladies xxx

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