Celebrity Big Brother

I did, what a mad bunch of people. Should be interesting, I guess they put Barrymore int here to see if he'll do a Feltz/Dennis moment
i want michael Barrymore to win, he is so cool.

that baywatch girl is really going to get on my nerves tho, i can see it now!

they girl who has to convince everyone she is a celeb, does anyone else think she looks like Paris Hilton? lol
yeh she does a bit layla.

i was going to be watching it but since i found out jodie (dog) marsh is in it i wont. my oh loves her. i personally think she is an ugly wanna be with a nose like a builders elbow :lol: :lol: :lol:. want barrymore 2 win though i think he is great :D

was it just me or my telly, but did anyone else notice that Jodie Marsh and Traci Bingham are the same skin colour!!!

hmmm Jodie= White Essex girl Traci= half caste american

strange :shock:
am watching it rite now ! am hooked already . think barrymore is gonna win
i like jodie, she does go a bit over the top but not half as much as jordan, i cant stand her!!
if u dont like jordan read her book i really admire her now where as i used to think she was abit of a slapper but jodie marsh hasnt done anything apart from slag jordan off to be famous in my eyes?

i want barrymore to win did u see him cry when he was going in :cry:
Barrymore looks so thin, hubby reckons he was booed by some of the crowd though when he went in, not won over them all then.

Dont think that blonde girl (the non-celebrity) fully understood her task though lol
I think its pants!!!

I cant beleive that Traci baywatch women gave herself 10 out of 10 for attractiveness!!!!
Would any normal person really say that about themselves???? :?

Dont think they are really celebrities though, apart from Micheal barrymore. Athough I think 'Maggot' is hilarious, 'Goldie lookin chain' make me laugh and they are great live!!!
zor-el i agree!

i used to hate jordan but then i read her book. she has been though quite a lot and i admire her 4 coming though the things she did. i like her now. i HATE jodie though :evil:

What a mad bunch!!

I too love Michael Barrymore and think that all that drugs and swimming pool stuff got way out of context which was a shame as he had to dissapear from our screens. So he is my fave to win.

I think they are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with these so called celebrities. Maggot looks like he could be fun but why do we have to have american celebs that no-one has heard of??

And as for Jodie Marsh - I was having this conversation with Hubby last night as I too warmed to Jordan in the jungle and admires her after reading her book but I really cannot see the same thing happening to her. She is obviously there for that reason as she thinks everyone will like her as they did jordan but it wont happen..............though I am prepared to eat my words if it does!!
I used to hate jodie marsh until i watched a holiday rep programme she was in, and ive liked her ever since.

Maggot seams a laugh but i dont think i will be wasting my time watching it!!
layla said:
they girl who has to convince everyone she is a celeb, does anyone else think she looks like Paris Hilton? lol

Funny you say that Layla, i'm pretty certain I read in the paper or somewhere today that she is on the books of some lookalike agency for being like Paris Hilton!

Hello all

I think I too want Barrymore to win :D

I said that I thought that she looked like Paris Hilton to my Dh when we first watched it - I haven't seen it last night yet, we taped it and watched Soapstar superstars, lol, I am a saddo and I pity my poor DH!!!!!! :D

Not sure about the others yet, perhaps I will have more to say after watching last nights episode. I have never really cared for Jodie Marsh, not that I know lots about her, but don't like the fact that she slates off Jordan but then does everything to copy and be like her...... I am a Jordan fan!!!! :D

Hi All,
Thought I'd add that I'd also like Barrymore to win and I think that Jodie Marsh looks like Pete Burns, just more tanned... seriously if you see them on the first night when they were talking and their faces were next to each other... wow.... such a resemblance!! :shock:

Love Davinia.xx
I agree with you Lindsay, i like Jordan, she has worked hard to be where she is and hasn't got known by slagging off people. My DH and I have just had that conversation after seeing Jodie cry. She slates people then wonders why people don't care for her that much,silly girl!!!

I would like to see Barrymore win, I think he's had it tough too with the media. He was being very sneaky, listening at the bedroom door then climbing into bed & pretending to be sleep, did make me giggle!

I like that Pete guy too, still don't really know who he is but I think he's one of the most genuine people in the house, wouldn't mind him winning either.
I want Maggot to win. Lets hear it for the underdog!
He just seems normal.

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