cd 31 12 dpo bfn with fmu on frer.. advice please

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    Hi girls, this is a long one so grab a cuppa and get comfy.

    I'm going to try and post a pic of my ovia app for January - we dtd around ovulation day and also used conceive plus, we didn't manage to dtd on the actual ovulation days itself though, however days before and after I had my legs in the air while watching half an episode of Gogglebox in bed! (I didn't take my bbt around ovulation which I should have done). I've also been taking pregnacare up until Monday when I switched to seven seas as I'd heard good things about it. After stopping the pill in October af returned in December for my usual 6 day flow, then I counted on 28 days from the first day of af (which I've always done) for January's af - I then read that the first day af arrives if it's in the PM you should class the second day of af as your first (not sure how true this is but anyway) so January's af arrived the evening of Friday 8th (or Saturday 9th if what I read is true) and February's should have been due either Thursday 4th or Friday 5th, again depending on what you read. And I'm sitting here with nothing!

    I really didn't want to post as I don't want to jinx it but what's happening?! Last month was the first proper month I'd done opks religiously and I got strong lines and I was so happy, I've also been charting (which is my issue) my temps for this week have been:-*

    Monday 36.22
    Tuesday 36.30
    Wednesday 36.43
    Thursday (expected af today) 36.52
    Friday (expected af today) 36.59
    Saturday 36.23
    Today 36.09

    Temps LAST cycle week before af:-
    Monday 36.35
    Tuesday 36.15
    Wednesday 36.24
    Thursday 36.14
    Friday 36.21

    I take my temps at 7:10am every morning before I get out of bed when I first wake up, however i woke up yesterday morning at 6 am and really needed the loo! So I went and got back into bed and was awake for a while cause oh wasn't well so was tossing and turning, so when my alarm went off to take temp I got that reading. As I am off the weekend I went back to sleep after and took it again around 9am and it was slightly lower. In hindsight I should have probably taken it at 6 am when I first woke up as I read that you only have a true temp when you've have 3 hours of rested, uninterrupted sleep - is this also correct? I did an opk on the evening and got a negative result, then another opk a while after and got an invalid reading.

    I took it this morning and got a reading of 36.09 but I'm wondering if this could be due to the fact OH had the heating off and the windows wide open because he is having trouble with his chest and needs a steady air flow. After taking it once I woke myself up a little I realised I was quite cold and that the room was quite cold (but didn't close the window for poor ohs sake!) I then went and did a frer with first urine and got a bfn, in lots of different lighting there was no second line at all. Later in the day around 2am I did an opk and got an invalid reading.

    So now I'm wondering and waiting. I've had af style cramps since 2 weeks before af was due and last week to the point where I wanted a hot water bottle and I was lying on the couch in agony which I've never had them that bad before. I also had a dull ache on my left side for a day or two that hurt during the night also but although I want to hope it was implantation pains I think it was too high and it didn't feel like a 'stabbing' pain. Af cramps all on and off Thursday and Friday night and yesterday I had them mildly but they felt more like they were up inside my la la (sorry tmi!) Whereas I usually feel them in my stomach etc.

    I've also had no other pains - no pains in boobs or nipples or anything. I Googled and some people felt nothing before they got their bfp so I'm hoping I'm one of them. Desperately want to tell oh as he's poorly and it may cheer him up if I tell him af is late but I don't want to disappoint him if she arrives.

    This is our third month this time round of ttc after having a break from it before. I know it's a long post ladies but I really would appreciate some feedback.

    I've also been reading in forums about people who kept getting bfn until they went to the gp for a blood test. Any opinions or stories would be appreciated and anyone who has any success bfp stories who are in a similar situation. Since before being on the pill I've always had a 28 day cycle.

    Thanks ladies x

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    Looking at your temps I would say your AF is just around the corner. Hopefully I'm wrong ..... good luck x

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