CB ov kit mystery - no period and BFN's

Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by Qwerty123, Dec 16, 2016.

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    Sep 9, 2016
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    Hi ladies...My cycles are normally 6 weeks long with a 14 day gap between ov and AF. I use the CB dual ov kits to track ovulation. This month I got a few high readings and then a peak day at CD16 (very very early for me!!). We DTD around that and now 3.5 weeks on I still have no period and as of two days ago BFN's on pretty much every preg test I could get my hands on. For the last week I've had a few ovary twinges (very minor). I'm wondering if the CB kit was wrong and actually I ovulated last week which would be on track with my normal cycle. This would make AF due next Thurs. Anyone else had previous experience like this? Been TTC for 2 years, had two miscarriages and always used the CB kits so disappointed to think they may not be very trustworthy. I did a few cheapie ov strips last week and got some dark ish lines but not enough for me to think they were positive. x

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