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    Oct 9, 2012
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    Hi Girls,

    For the last few weeks I've had a stuffy nose, chesty cough but hasn't been too bad that its bothered me. This last week, along with the heat, its been horrible. I've been unable to breath through my nose at all, can't lay down as I have shooting pain in my nose and face, just horrible. When I am able to blow my nose it is thick, yellow mucus, gross!
    Saw my GP this morning and she confirmed that this is quite common in pregnancy, likely to get worse the further along in the pregnancy but there are no decongestants she can give me. She said I can try a drug free nasal rinse, I'm unable to find one yet though!
    Just wondered if anyone else is suffering with anything like this and if so have they found anything that helps relieve it?? She said about maybe reducing my dairy intake - I'll try anything! X
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    Dec 5, 2012
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    in full of cold and have a cough and headache, had it worse when i was about 20 weeks preg, i just took paracetemol when i really felt my worse, and i drank loads of water, but it lasted ages and i thought my nose was going to fall off from blowing my nose too much lol keep hydrated, rested and eat that's all i did and it eventually went xx

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