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Jun 29, 2005
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Hey folks,

Thought I would post about how lucky and blessed I feel. I couldnt be happier even though I have some personal problems, but at the end of the day my little bump is still doing perfect!

I started pregnancy with a scare and am so over whelmed that I have got this far. Was flicking through my scan photos to date as I get scanned every 4 weeks. Please feel free to click the link, its amazing to see the changes as time goes on!

Things could always be worse and I know that now. Hope everyone else is on top of the world!!!!!

Vicki xXX
Lovely pictures! Very cute!

I wish I could say that I am on top of the world

I do feel very blessed and am in a really great situation, but I'm just having a bit of an off day.

I'm sure I will be absolutely normal tomorrow!
wow vicki! its wonderful to see that progression! and i hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well

take care and keep smiling...for you and your wee one! :D
Lovely pics Vicki, do you know what you're having??
dont know what we're having, didnt want to ask. Dont get me wrong I was tempted, a lot. Hard when it comes to being prepared but theres nothing like your OH running out in the overalls shouting out the sex lol!!!

Its first born for both of us and didnt have a preference so we left it at that.

Although between me and you it looks like a boy and at my last scan i accidentally called 'it' him and the sonographer asked. ! oh, do you know what your having??? Maybe I looked into it too much but I still cant be sure regardless lol
Thats funny actually because the reason I asked is that when I looked at the pictures, I had a really strong feeling you were having a boy!! we'll see if we're right soon eh?? :wink:

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