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    There's a product called preseed, that claims that it's the only sperm friendly "moisturizer" on the market. It's quite expensive (£15 for 6 uses), it comes in "single serving" packets (so they don't have to use preservative) and it just seems fussy to me. I want to keep on love-making, not baby-dancing if you know what I mean.

    Have a look at the precis of the paper they use as proof. I guess it was written before their product hit the market: ... ds=8894797
    (NIH is the national institute of health in America, the main government medical research organisation)
    It's very interesting. KY and other products perform similarly to spermicide! I've read else where that saliva and olive oil are also unfriendly. But canola oil is as good as a laboratory medium. And it's an excellent mono-unsaturated cooking oil :). If you do a google search for "sperm canola" you get - along with some weird hits - other web pages that seem to agree with this.

    The disadvantage of using oils is that your body can't flush it out as easily, but I'm not planning to use a lot, so it's probably not a problem.

    The supermarkets near me don't have it, but I've looked at Tesco online, and they have rapeseed oil. Yay! I'll pick up a bottle in store sometime, keep it in the kitchen and decant a small amount into a jar by the bed.

    Apparently baby oil has similar properties, but I am really reluctant to get a petroleum product inside my body.

    Thought others might be interested in this too.


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