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May 2, 2005
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Does anyone know of anyone who has gone into labour after inserting a canisten pessary?

I have just been prescribed one by the doctor as i have slight thrush and obviously it can get passed onto baby if i still have it at delivery.

I got the prescription from the chemist and she told me not to use the applicator to insert the pessary as it can start labour.

My doctor didn't mention anything about that what so ever,
so i have to put it in with my finger, but what if i don't put it in enough and it doesn't clear, they obviously give you a longish applicator as it needs to go a certain height.

I cant understand why the doctor didn't tell me that?!
I dont know for sure if it would start labour but having used one of these before I would say that as long as you inserted it slowly, you should be aware of how far up it is. Try a pelvic squeeze when doing it then it should stop it going too far anyway.
I think the main objective is for the pessary to disolve so if you are happier not using the stick the other way will probably work just as well.
Take care

hi amy

I had to use those in the early stages of pregancy due to thrush :oops: lol. I didnt see how it would work without being able to use the applicator,
but it worked a lot better than I thought and it cleared it up very quickly.

Just have a steady hand when doing it and dont let it go up to far (I dont think you can without the applicator anyway. Hope all that is not TMI!!??

L x
Hi ive used the pessary before....not when pregnant
i can only think that u may insert it to high and it could make your cervix react with the applicator. I presume u inserted it at night time or layed down after....if so dont worry as it will dissolve and reach all the areas it needs to.....the average vagina is only 8 cm long so even if you placed it only just inside after laying down it would automatically get to where it needs to.
Hope this helps and reassures u a bit!
Hi Amy's mum

I was recently prescribed the canisten pessary and used the applicator although to be honest I was scared to put it in very far so I literally just put it in a little way.

Neither my doctor or the pharmacist told me to avoid the applicator but it's been over a week since I used it so fingers crossed everything is ok!

33 + 2
Well to be honest this time in pregnancy i have had thrush a few times, and i have used the pessary (prescribed by the doctor) earlier on, i think it was 25 weeks ish and even the pharmasist didn't mention it then.

I wonder if the hydrocortozone reacts with your cervix??
Hi, i used one of these a few weeks ago. the instructions just said not to insert it as far as you normally would so i think as long as you stuck to that it would be fine x
Godamn thrush. As if our bits dont get enough attention during pregnancy thrush has to appear. Its at times like this men are definately getting the easy job, haha.

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