Can your pets tell that you are pregnant?


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May 3, 2005
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I know this is a really stupid thing to ask, but I find it really interesting.

I have 2 cats, a boy (ziggy) who is 20 months old, and a girl (pepper) who is 6 months old. They are both rescue cats, and we have had both of them since they were 15 weeks old. Pepper is the most loving cat ever, and follows me around everywhere, but Ziggy has always been a bit unpredictable and likes his own space, we think he was mistreated as a kitten.

Over the past few weeks Ziggy has been even more distant with me. He only purrs for my OH, he has even gone off his food (he loves food), he used to be cheeky and play with Pepper, but he doesnt do that anymore. He usually goes out loads, but just wants to stay inside now.

Am I looking into this too much? Do you think he can sense that Im pregnant and is getting jealous? He even hissed at me several times yesterday!

I'm sure that they can.

When I was in labour and was sat in my nursing chair when I was having some bad contractions my little yorkie (she's tiny) jumped up and sat on top of my bump, under my boobs. I'm certain it's because she realised!
:D Hi Jenny!

I have 10 cats,(2 Persians and 8 moggies) and three dogs,Irish Setters(2 bithches,1 dog).
I am certain that they know that there is something different about me,but luckily for me they haven't become distant.In fact they are even more clingy than before.My youngest Irish Setter,Nell,who is nearly 2, will not leave my side,and she looks and sniffs my belly as if to check on Bean!My oldest Irish Setter,Murphy,who is 12,panics if I leave the house and won't settle until I come back,again sniffing my bump.Meg who is 5 is usually very hyper,but since I found out that I was expecting,and for some time before, has stopped jumping up me!!

My cats are usually lined up on my bed at night to see who can get closest.If I move from one room to another they follow,and my youngest,Snowdrop,who is 1,lies on my bump purring as loud as she can - it must sound like a pneumatic drill to Bean!!

I do hope Ziggy learns to accept your pregnancy!!! :lol:
bagpuss said:
I have 10 cats

Do you worry about them jumping on the baby? I have 3 and it's a constant worry where they all are, I can't imagine having 10!!
:) Do you mean when it's born??My Mom is really worried about that,and keeps saying that you used to be able to get a net type thing to put over the cot to stop the cats getting into the cot with baby.Snowdrop is the only one that may try to do that,she loves the warmth of my breath,and sometimes will try and sleep on my chest close to my mouth.It is something that I have to think about ready for when the day arrives.Have you had any problems as yet Kim??
Pepper loves to lie on bean too!She tries to get in bed to lie right next to it! Bless :)

Im worried about Ziggy and the baby, as he is unpredictable, I will just have to keep an eye on him

I haven't had any problems yet as I have been really really careful never to take my eyes off the baby when the cats are indoors. 2 of them would never go near her but one likes to climb in and on everything and can be nasty if provoked, although she has never hurt anyone, she just hisses. It's so much harder work than if I didn't have the cats and I have thought about getting rid of them. Believe me I would never have said that before the baby was born but it changes things so much, all I care about now is her safety. I have a net over the moses basket and the cot, but the cot one is hard work to get on and off so when she starts sleeping in it I will just have to make sure the door is always shut. To be honest I don't think the nets are a deterant anyway
Its actually very unusual for cats to want to sleep with baby. Most cats will sleep in the cot or crib once you take the baby out when there is a nice warm patch - they don't like to have to share!!

I have always had a cat net that I have only ever used when the babies have been outof their beds.......and also in the summer in the garden to protect from flies etc.

My dog (boxer, aged 8) knew before me that I was pregnant - he wouldn't leave my side and still doesn't. He was like that with the first two so I knew what to expect I guess. Its a pain though as he hates me going out on my own and cries for me till I get back - bless him!!
Thanks Kerry that's very interesting to know... cats love to sleep together cuddled up so maybe they would like to share with Rubie???

Feel a lot better having read your post though :D
my cat definitely knows something is up! ever since i became pregnant he has become even more clingy than before - and he's always been a cuddly cat anyway. he'll sleep on my bump and when baby moves he'll look at me with this "knowing" look (sounds silly i know) and he stretches his paw up to my face and lovingly pats my face (no claws). he did this sometimes before too, but never as often as now.

the last couple of days he has been following me non stop, meaowing and curling up to me whenever i sit down and getting as close to the bump as he can when i go to bed at night. i wonder if he "feels" somehow that birth is getting imminent? maybe he knows something i don't!
There was a vet on the TV (that new baby channel) talking about cats smothering babies the other day and he said he'd never heard of it either and that it was more an old wives tale than anything else. I guess we still have to be careful though.
Yeah there is more than smothering to consider too, they could scratch them or jump on them, and you don't really want your newborn covered in cat hair :shock:
tell me about it - cat hair is a real pain!! We sadly had to put one of our cats to sleep last week which I guess halves the problem but the one we still have is a long haired one and it gets everywhere!!

My cat net will definately be on the cot / crib when the cat is about looking for a nice place to sleep!!
Yeah ours are short hair and it's still hard work wading through the fluff to get to the sofa lol!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
:D I showed my Mom this post - she wants to know where to get these cat nets from - she is so worried about mine!!I'll have to get one though to settle her nerves! :lol: Any help would be great :)
My cat definately knows this time. He is usually quite aloof and likes to be near but not on you but now every night while im watching tv he comes and sits on my lap.

I had 4 cats this time last year but my baby was allergic to the long hair of the 2 tabbys so cats protection had to come and take them away. Ive never cried so much. 1 of the other cats went to my mums as he was a bit wild and never settled as a house cat.

My final cat, handsome Jack is a great cat. He tolerates Jessica and has never hurt her. I found him down a lane when he was a kitten and couldnt rehome him. The other 2 were so loving to everyone and apparently prospective owners were arguing over them at the cat home.

I was concerned about cats and the cot but they were so wary they never went near it when she was in it but when she had just got out they were keen to get near the warm patch.

bagpuss, ten cats - i so want to stay in your house. That would be great.
bagpuss, ten cats - i so want to stay in your house. That would be great.

It is fun,I must admit - all have there own characters,I spend hours just laughing at them!!They're all asleep at the minute.Ahh,peace! :lol: :lol:

I shall be on ebay in a minute,thanks for that Kerry and Kim! :D
Think I will be getting one of those nets too, so thankyou!! Our little cat Pepper tried to sleep in our bed again last night, she wants to stay as close as possible!Infact, shes on the desk now watching me type!Lol!

I have to admit I want more cats. My stepdad is trying to persuade my mum to adopt one of his customers cats (my mum is more of a dog lover), and as soon as I heard this I begged my OH if we could take it on to live with us. We live in a 2 up, 2 down terrace, so we are busting out of it already, but Im sure i could squeeze another cat in :D :D


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