can someone please remind OH.... (oooops, i take it back...)


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May 31, 2005
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well he knows it is, but this morning he didn't even say happy birthday, just grunted and went back to sleep again. as usual, despite weeks of blatant hinting, i know he will not have bought me a present or even a card or flowers or anything to surprise me, he never does. i have to come with him to point out what i want, which i hate! surely after nearly 6 years he should know me well enough to buy me a present? i think the hormones are making me more upset over this than usual, but it just makes me feel like i'm not worth a couple of hours of his consideration. thing is i don't even mind if he doesn't spend any money, just a card and maybe dinner cooked for me or breakfast in bed would make me happy.

as a child his birthday was never celebrated so he doesn't see what the big deal is, but it's important to me! i always try to make his birthdays special though.

he's just the least romantic person ever, i wish he'd just do something to surprise me and show me he loves me sometimes - especially on my birthday... :cry:
pm me his email address and I'll send him an anonymous tip off if you like!

aw thanks rosebay! i would do, but he never checks his email... when he does i do it for him as he doesn't know how to. he is completely computer illiterate.

god i've made him sound like a right loser haven't i??? wasn't my intention, i do love him to bits, but am just disappointed that he never does anything romantic for me, and especially on my birthdays. i think now i'm pregnant i feel like i need even more reassurance etc...
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Petchy
Happy Birthday to you.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Happy birthday hunnie!!!

Get yourself sent some flowers from interflora....he might get the idea of how it works then :lol:

Hope you have a great day regardless. xxxx
Happy Birthday Petchy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Petchy
Happy birthday to you

Love From Ragna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
My husband is 5 days older than me so obviously our birthdays are really close together. His family never made a big thing about it either and over the years we've stopped getting each other anything (we don't bother at Xmas either). I still insist on cards though but it is a bit sad I guess!

What I will never understand is how guys don't realise that they could bring so much good will and pleasure by just occasionally getting a bunch of flowers or chocs- it's not rocket science is it? Doesn't even have to be expensive but it really cheers! Mind you romance is one thing but right now as I'm typing this he's scrubbing the bath with Jif to get rid of the scum line left by my Bio Oil bath this morning and that's priceless right now frankly!

Anyway, have a great day :)
Happy Birthday. Hope you have a good one! ;o) xxx :lol:
Happy birthday Petchy, hope you have a great day xxxx
THANK YOU GUYS!!! :D you're all great!!!!

I really hope that he has surprised you with a card or something???
many happy returns sweetie!
Veels geluk met jou verjaarsdag!!! :D :D :D Happy Birthday!!!!
Hope you have a lovely day!
Emilia xx
Happy Birthday Petchy!!

and take care
pip xxx
Happy Birth Petchy!

Hope your other half came good in the end

Take care

29 + 2
I really hope that he has surprised you with a card or something???
:oops: :oops: :oops:

i feel like such a hormonal fool!!! got home from work today to find a card, flowers AND a pressie on the mantlepiece... :oops: i take it all back - can i blame it on the hormones???? (glad OH doesn't come on this forum!) i feel SO guilty for slagging him off earlier that i started to cry when i saw the pressies. OH was out (doing an evening course) so i waited till he got back to open the pressie. he'd remembered an orangey suede shoulderbag i said i liked last week, and got me that as well as a necklace and a watch. the watch was unfortunately far too big, so it'll have to be changed, but everything else was lovely.

he said he wanted to get me a cake too, but had run out of time.

SHAME ON ME!!!! i do really feel bad!!!! :oops: :oops:
Did you get your ecard? Thought that may have helped if he saw it on your PC :)

Glad it turned out OK

Em xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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