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Discussion in 'Coping with Miscarriage & Loss' started by reallyoldmum, Dec 8, 2007.

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    To cut a long story short I had an early loss back in October - I was only 6 days late but it still made us very sad :( Anyway up to that point my cycles had been really regular every 27/28 days with ovulation around CD 12.

    I had a normal cycle in October although my progesterone was low (they tested it at 7 dpo) and started to bleed as normal on 17th November - this continued for 4 days and then my body seemed to be gearing up for ovulation as normal - on CD11 I woke up and was bleeding - no pain just bright red and heavy - went to the doctors who took swabs to check for infection which came back all clear - stopped bleeding on Sat 1st December after 5 days and again my body looked ready to ovulate - then yesterday out of the blue I started to bleed heavily again.

    Went back to my doctors and initially they just said to go home and see what happened (I saw a locom who didnt really seem to know very much he kept on going out to ask another doctor!!) He did say he thought perhaps I had retained some tissue during my loss but not to worry unless I had severe pain - he also said he would really like to organise a scan for me but as it was over a month since my loss the EPAS unit in Shrewsbury would not see me and I would have to wait for a routine scan or pay privately - a routine scan for unexplained bleeding would take 12 weeks or thereabouts.

    Anyway after I got home I checked how much a private scan would be and it is £260 - to be honest we cant really afford that just at this moment. Anyway I had only been home about an hour when the doctor rang me to say he had been talking to my own doctor who is not happy - they have now put me on Antibiotics - two different types to be taken 3 times a day - in total each dose will be 900 mg so I will be taking 2700 mg of antibiotic a day. He also said they were going to try and push for an urgent scan but that could take upto 4 weeks and was there not anyway we could pay privately.

    I am just concerned - this morning I have quite bad pain and my tummy is so swollen I look as if I am 6 month pregnant - also the dose of tablets were so strong our local Asda pharmacy has had to get them in for me - I will start them later today.

    I just wondered if anyone had been through something like this? Does that dose of antibiotic seem right to you?

    Any help would be much appreciated - we are worried to death that if I have retained tissue it is damaging any chance we have of going on to conceive and at 41 the odds are pretty much stacked against us anyway!
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    Hi ROM, i've not been stalking alot lately so didn't realise all this had happened. You poor thing.

    If you can bear the wait go back to A&E and tell them you are in pain, make it sound worse than it is if you have to! They should scan you ASAP, this is insane. Surely they can't just leave bits of tissue floating inside you without checking???

    Hope it turns out ok. :hug: :hug: :hug:
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    i agree - can you go to a&e and say you're feeling really poorly. with the swelling and with what your gp has said, they'd maybe scan you there and then? you're likely to be seen much quicker if you tell them you've been feeling faint too... hope you get to the bottom if it xx :hug: :hug: :hug:
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    in total agreement...

    if you're in pain and swollen hun, A & E seems to be the best place... particularly as you haven't started teh antibiotics yet. At the hospital it's likely that you'll be referred to a gynae doctor or nurse who'll be able to tell you much more about your situation..

    they should also give you a scan, its ridiculous that they expect you to wait so long.

    I hope you're ok :hug:

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    Sorry to hear of your loss....

    I bled for 15 weeks after my D&C, constantly being told... "sometimes that happens" but I passed my placenta after 15 weeks when the bleeding stopped dead...

    Don't accept anything as an excuse..... if you want a scan, demand one.... don't let them tell you it's normal.... To be honest I went back to the EPU to get my scans rather than through the GP (and had about 6...) they could see something but couldn;t say what it was... I wish I'd pushed harder as it would have prevented months of heartache and pain...... (and inability to conceive again)...

    Have you taken another PG test... I was still testing positive for weeks afterwards and telling the EPU it was still positive was extra leverage to get scans done....

    Hope everything sorts itself out for you soon

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