Can anyone help?

Discussion in 'Coping with Miscarriage & Loss' started by rubz123x, Sep 9, 2016.

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    Aug 27, 2016
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    So basically we are trying for our first.

    This month i missed my period so i did a test. I got a postive and have now done 4 tests all postive. They started faint but got a lot darker and clearer each day i took them.

    But 2 days ago i started bleeding, but it wasent normal like litrrally just spotting not enough to fill a pad at all. No cramps no pain and no clots. It would have been about a week late if it was my period but it lasted the 1 day but the next morning nothing at all.

    Well today when i wiped their was a bit blood. I put a pad on but not enough to get on the pad at all was literally only when i wiped. Again this has completely stopped again already.

    Has anyone got any ideas whats going on? Were the postives not real? Was the light blood my period? Have i miscarried?

    I have never been pregnant before this was my first time trying so im bit confused.

    Im sorry if this was the wrong place to put this. Andd i hopr i dont upset anyone.

    I hope someone can help.
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    Hi hun
    The fact that you have had 4 positive tests means definately pregnant.
    As for the spotting I know some women do get a bit of bleeding when pegnant (I did with my first).
    What colour is the blood? Xx
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    Honestly its early to say. As bella saay the tests mean you are pregnat. The bleeding could b3 the beginning of an early miscarriage, often called a chemical pretnancy or the baby could be fine and the bleeding is just from an irritated cervix or something. Lots of women have spotting l or bleeding in pregnancy and baby is fine.

    It is likely too early to see much on a scan. If you go to the doctor they might do blood tests. You need two lots of blood tests 24 hrs or so apart to see if the hormone levels are increasing as they should. That is the best indicator of how things are going. Some doctors will say to just go home and wait for a week or two and do another test and see if it is still positive.

    I hope things are okay for you. Its horrid not knowing what is happening. Hugs.
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