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Feb 9, 2005
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hey everyone, i had a question because im really confused and hoping that maybe someone on here has gone through the samething im going through or maybe somethin similar....but here it goes bare wit me im tryin to get as much detail as possible. my last period was on january 22 i have a 25-26 day cycle and due for my next period on febuary 18, and according to a ovulation calulator that i have done i would have been ovulating on febuary 3. i had sex on febuary 3 and a couple days before heres where im confused lol on saturday febuary 5 i went to the bathroom and was spotting, it was very light and more of a pinkish color then red, it lasted only a couple hours then stoped and since then i have had no spotting at all. could the spotting have been implantation??? thats whats getting me all confused because i have read so many different websites that say implantation doesnt take place until 5-10 days or 8-12 days past ovulation, when i was spotting it was only 2 days past ovulation. if anybody can give me some advice id really appreicate hoping i am pregnant, but i think im jus getting my hopes up again :cry: feel free to email me a reply if you like my email address is [email protected] i really would appreicate any advice
Hey yeah i no exactly what u mean, in 2000 when i was ttc i was 4 dpo, and was spotting for a day, then about 2 weeks later or so i took a test and i was pregnant, it took me 7 months to get pregnant but after i had took my temp for awhile and realized my day i hit it right on the button.
Now in 2001 when i was ttc a 2nd time the same thing had happen i was bleeding well actually spotting, but i think it was about 2-5 dpo.
And i found out i was pregnant.
I'm ttc but not until march 5th i will start, and i hope it happens farley quick, ive been watching my temps and posting so i hope it will go threw
But hey wait about a week or 2 take a test and pray for the best!!
But all women are different it could just been some type of hormonal thing going on.
Good luck.. keep me posted!!
thanks Rachel! i guess your right thats really all i can do is wait lol like i said im due for my period the 18th so if nothing happens ill test and hope for the best :D your story did give me a little more hope though.
Hi Hunny

did you get your AF today?

I have never heard of implantation before I came on this site. I have just noticed i'm bleeding after only 14 days since my last AF (which is not normal for me) I don't know if i would call it bleeding or spotting.. I don't know anything any more.... so confussed. I'm not due my AF till around the 2nd or 3rd March. We did make love 2 days ago but I don't know if this was my most fertile time... I decided not to do an ovulation kit this month. I haven't got period pains but i do feel sick in the stomach... This could be nerv's.

I'd love to know if you did a test and got a BFP.

Good luck if you haven't tested yet. Sending you loads of baby dust********************************

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