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Jun 23, 2005
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my Daughter took this pic of my c section my baby was 1 seconds old :D

i was the one on the table :D

That is an amazing photo, really good to have the moment baby was born. LOL at one on table comment x :D
How come they let you have a camera in theatre?
Wouldn't even let us use one in the delivery room. :(

Lovely pic though. One to treasure :lol:
We weren't allowed a camera in either :( . Every time Stuart stood up to have a peek over the screen he got shouted at. I'd have loved to have watched my section but they wouldn't let me - having a photo must be the next best thing - it's a brilliant pic!!
hi my Daughter was stood next to me watching the whole op and there was complecations but both sergeons where very calm and didn't mind her taking pics i think they where too busy trying to stop me bleeding as i hemmoraged due to having a blood clot and taking mrdication to thin my blood. :(

its a bit mean not letting you take pics of your own babies birth though wot a bummer :cry:

i think my Daughter would have loved to stand next to the sergeon and watch closer she's a bit gorey lol i just laid there trying not to think about my tummy being poked and prodded from the inside yuk!!!!
They wouldnt let us take pics or let OH watch either (not that he would of wanted to thou!!!!)

My Oh was allowed to take as many pics as he pleased but he was too chicken to look over the ocver , lol didnt wanna see my guts i guess.. but i dont blame him .
Every hospital and place we live must be different.
my mum wasnt ment to look lol but my mum being my mum she dont take no for an awnser lol
i wasnt allowed to look either but i just did anyway , dont think they should stop you looking.If you want to see it then you want to see it.

didnt even get to see alana properly for nearly 5 mins as they were cleaning her off , which annoyed me quite abit. as i kept getting told to sit down. We got pictures in the c section room but i wasnt allowed to take them , the nurse had to. She must of had advanced qualifications in taking pictures or something. :lol:
i think everyone should be able to watch their own child being born which ever way they are born and take their own pics you know which pics you want to take not the midwife or sergeon, you never have those few seconds a second time for that child it should be your choice, i'm glad i had the chance to record the seconds of my babies birth, and feel so sad for those of you who didn't :cry:
Simon was encouraged to take pics, and reminded him to take the camera. as soon as she was born they shouted him straight over, and he left the aneathetist to clean up my puke and stroke my hair, and gave me a progress report!!!!
I agree, everyone should be able to watch their children born which ever way!
i still can't believe she took that pic lol

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