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May 19, 2005
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im sorry about this but im crying so hard that i think it will do me good to have a rant

british gas have really pissed me off, i have been making payment of £30 on my gas and elecy account every month since jan of this year.
In june i get a letter saying i havent pais my gas account and i now owe them a stupid amount of money.

Since then i have sent them copies of all my receipts ( 4 on elcy, 3 on gas) to prove that i have paid.

they fussed about it so much that i changed supliers in the end.

they conviently lost my receipts twice, so i faxed them through again for them.

today i get a phone call saying, my gas payments went on the elcy account so i still owe them £90. when i asked where my elecy payments went, they couldnt tell me, just that i owe them £90 and that was the end of it.

So after arguing with them, they pretty much put the phone down on me, i phoned back to be confronted by this yopung lad saying, there is no point in speaking to a manager, he will tell you the same as me, you owe us £90 and there is nothing you can do about it.

i was so mad that i started crying and after arguing with him for 10 mins, i had to put the phone down to calm myself.

I then phoned back and managed to get thought to a manger, when i explained to him about the missing payments, he agreed with me and told me to send him copies of the receipts through the post and he will deal with it for me.

i was so revlied to hear this that i just sobbed on the phone to him lol, bloody hormones!

i just hope now that it will get sorted, if my gas payments went on my elecy account, then my final elecy bill was to high and they need to transfur it accross to balance out my gas, surly?!

anyway, im going on a bit now and this prob doesnt make much sence as im still very upset and angry, just needed to get this out

Layla thats awfull, perhaps speak to someone at citizens advice as its ridiculus the way they are treating you and you do not need this sort of crap.

I too have a dispute with British Gas, they came round to service our boiler and our CO2 detector is broken,. They initially fitted it free a few years back. I asked the guy if they just relaced it or if we needed to pay for it, after all we pay a monthly fee to have our boiler serviced and maintained. The man said 'oh no, don't worry well jyst replace that'.
Then what happens, we get a bloody £40 bill for it! you can buy them in the shops for less than that. We phoned them up and they got shirty with us and said they will call us back and they havent, so we're just waiting to see what happens next. If they mess us around I will change supplier.

Im just worried that we will come home from hospital with new baby and find they have cut off our gas and electricity for not paying our bill!
wow u got it for cheap £30 for gas and electricity..... i pay £70 a month for both!!!!!! i know how u feel.... direct line cancelled my direct debit for my house insurance 3 months ago and never told me.. so my bills have not been paid and my house insurance is not valid any more coz i havent kept up payments..... bloody good job ive not burnt down the house or some thing :shock:

and now ntl have been sending me bills for tv, phone and internet when i had them all disconnected 2 moths ago.... this bloody companies are quick to take ur money.... but are lazy shits when it comes to helping any one.

hopefully u get it sorted soon hun.. good luck.... just keep smiling.... u will have a wonderful baby soon

love elaine
I know exactly what you mean about getting tearful and angry with some of these so call BEST companies.
Only last month I had a major row with our council tax office telling us we owed them a whole load of money as we hadnt paid anything. Spent an hour on the phone telling them we had and they needed to check their files. Crying and everything. Im sure they just like to take the P### with us ladies sometimes.
I've just had a month long battle with O2 online trying to tell them I'd paid my bill and I was getting emails saying they were going to take me to court and my credit history would be severely affected because it hadn't been paid!!

Lots of crying, screaming, abusive emails (from them more than me), and finally they owned up to losing the payment and crediting it to someone else (not that they said it to me - they got osmeone in a store to tell me)!! Ive now complained in writing (although really didnt have the mental strength to) and if it's not resolved and im not compensated I'll send it to Watchdog for the fun of it too.

They really make you feel so stupid and corner you to pay it as if there is no other way out and they couldn't possibly be wrong - makes me so furious :evil:

OMG aren't companies crap. My DH and I have had problems with every single company we have ever dealt with,Tiscali,Vodafone,Sky,One-Tel and British Gas amoungst the worst! I think people just don't care about customer service anymore, don't think they care about there jobs anymore!
Our last prob. was with British Gas. We bought our house and moved in on the 1st Feb. this year and had already told Scottish power we wanted to take our business with us from our flat to the new place, they set everything up and we paid by direct debit so everything was hunky dory until we received a bill from British Gas asking for about £70, my DH rang them and told them that SP supplied our gas & electric and they have made a mistake. No probs. we were told, it would be looked into, we also rang SP to see what they had to say about it as BG said they supplied our house!!
We got another bill, then another and another (all increased in price) and letters threatening us with court, many phone calls/emails/letters later we got to the bottom of it - BG had the wrong address on there files and we didn't owe them any money (no shit sherlock!) the address they have got doesn't actually exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how they can supply gas to a house that is not there is somewhat amazing!!

I could actually be here all night writing about our problems with useless companies but I won't bore the hell out of you all :lol:

Nicki. :D
Never personally had a problem with BG, but I'm with Swalec so that's probably why. :?

Just wanted to join in with this and have a moan about Vodafone. The short version:
I was with Vodafone on contract for 18 months, rang them to upgrade phone and change pricing plan to one cheaper. Deliveries wrong, phone didn't work, didn't change contract, goes on and on. So in December 04, I wrote to Singlepoint (who you paid the bills to for Vodafone) to give them one months notice in writing to cancel contract. It was a 3 page letter so you can see that above is a very short version! Anyway, I cancelled the direct debit in January, sent them back the handset, and took out a new contract with O2. Nothing was heard........
In about May of this year, I received a bill from Vodafone for over £350! I rang them and they said that they had took over the billing from Singlepoint and this was my monthly contract payments and calls since January because I hadn't paid. Of course I hadn't bloody paid, i didn't have the phone and had cancelled the contract!! The person at the other end of the phone admitted to me that they could not get any records from Singlepoint so couldn't confirm that I had cancelled the contract! I said to her that it was not my problem, and her reply was that it was not her problem either!! Talk about customer service.
Well, the upshot of this is I now apparantly owe them nearly £500 and it has been passed to a debt collection agency! However, when I rang them, they admitted that they had a lot of ex-singlepoint customers with the same compliants.... :?
I've left it with them, but they're not getting a bloody penny out of me!!

Rant over.
British Gas we going to take us to court for 1p!!!

They did a similar thing to Layla and put our gas payments on the electric account. I refused to pay the gas bill until they refunded the electric. It wasn't until we chucked a wobbler on the bloke who came to switch off the gas supply that it got sorted.

When they transferred the payments, there was still some outstanding so we sent a cheque 1p short and switched suppliers. We've kept the copy of the red bill and various solicitors letters demanding the 1p. I don't remember ever paying it and we've moved house now - it'll come back to haunt us when we're retired.

Offgen? (the people who look after all the gas and leccy suppliers) are another bunch of idiots - we moved here 3 years ago and they still can't decide who are supplier is supposed to be.

Tracy xx
1p?! thats just stupid!

i cant understand these compaines, who the hell do they think they are?!!

Im still waiting to hear whats going on with my payments, but the last man i spoke to agreed with me that my payments have gone missing, so fingers crossed he will sort it

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