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    Hiya :)

    So I've just had my scratch and I'm now back at the hotel armed with all my mess to start. I have a letter from the clinic for airport security but I'm just wondering as I have fridge items whether I can take them in a small like lunch cool bag on board? As well as my cabin bag? Or whether they have to be in my carry on & I will just have to wrap with an ice pack for the journey?

    Thanks ladies x
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    I think you'd have to put it in your bag wrapped in a cooler. Could you fit a coolbag in your carry-on bag to take on the plane? Once you're on there, you can take it out. I always carry my meds with me in case my luggage gets lost and they take up quite a bit of room. I have to squeeze them in and then get them out when on the plane.

    Or give one to hubby if he has no hand luggage?

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