breech baby at 29 weeks n 2 days


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Nov 6, 2005
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Hi all just been at the midwife and baby is breech!! My last pregnancy lasted to 29 weeks and Adele was born normally her head was engaged from 26 weeks so ima little

midwife said not o worry but its prob just me worrying but i do feel alot of pressure down below is this normal for having the baby lying breech??

and is theri anything to do to help baby turn as at night its most painfulland i just cant get comfy so im not sleeping to well.

any help would be great

thankyou :)

jean xxx
they say to shine a light at teh bottom of your tummy, they are meant to turn towards it.

put a pack of frozen peas at teh top of your belly, baby is meant to turn away from the cold,

or go on all fours and tilt downwards is another method.

not sure how true these are mind but worth a go.

hey honey your midwife is right, try not too worry

there is still plenty of time for your bubba too turn.

i am talking from experience as my daughter was breech! she turnt breech as 35 weeks and no-one knew until i started labour. unfortunately she got stuck and i ended up with an emergency c-section.

you can try getting on all fours and leaning your arms and head on the floor, lift your butt up in the air.

sit on a chair backwards ( i mean the chair round the wrong way) and lean forward

have a go on a exercise ball

love stacey and danielle
lol Layla

Just picturing the scene.....laying on the bed with a bag of frozen peas at one end and a torch at the other - who said pregnancy wasnt Sexy!!!! lol lol


L x
Hi girls thanx for the replies.

ok ive tried teh torch and frozen peas god that was fun....lmao
but didnt feel any movement from baby except a few punches and
been going on all fours every morning (i mean trying to get baby to turn nothing but still no big movement, got midwife again in 2 weeks so hopefully she will be able to tell me if baby has turned.

so thanks for the laugh at the things to do and i shall keep yous posted if anything changes and oh yes im still doing the all

take care all love hugs

Jean xxxx
A lady at my NCT class had "moxibustion" done by an aromatherapist, and her baby turned almost immediately.

Moxibustion is a type of Chinese medicine which involves burning a herb close to the skin on the little toe.

She said her toes were sore, but at least it worked! It had the full support of her midwife too, so this isn't some sort of crack pot dangerous thing to try!

hi thanx for that but baby has turned and head is fully engaged now had a growth scan done on friday there and baby is just over 5lbs so far and ive only got 4 weeks and 2 days to go but thanx again for that advice xx
Don't worry, they can move alot, and at least if the midwife knows, she/he can keep you informed. My understanding is that if they know before late labour they can actually do things to move it back around.

I felt my whole tummy go at 38 weeks, the little monkey turned breech. By the time my hubby convinced me I was in labour at 40wks I was 6cm and it was too late for them to move him. so I had to have a Emergency C Section. Within a hour of getting there. I was holding him. This time more aware, so if it moves its gettin a poke back!

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