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    From the movies, to tabloids, billboards to beaches, breasts are everywhere – but there’s one way guaranteed to make them shocking – attach a baby to them.

    Why is society so obsessed with breasts but shocked by breastfeeding?

    Should mums keep covered or feed behind closed doors?

    As part of a new documentary for Discovery Networks International, we’re looking for mums happy to be filmed breastfeeding.

    We want to film a sequence of unidentified breasts, both with and without babies on board.

    We won’t film your face unless you want us to, but we will need film your baby as s/he feeds. The shots will be used for a stylised intro exploring the ideas above. We are also looking for mums happy to express on camera.

    If you are comfortable being filmed topless and breastfeeding and for these shots to be included in a documentary that explores the more unusual aspects of breastfeeding, please get in touch.

    We’re filming in Central London on Tuesday the 9th December and we’d need you for about half an hour.

    If you are interested please contact the team on 020 7290 0660 or email directly to [email protected].

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