Breastfeeding mummies - advice for new mums


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Feb 27, 2011
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I thought it might be useful to have a thread with each of us who have breastfed to give a piece of advice or something we have learnt about feeding our LOs for new mums to read.

My piece of advice is:

Don't automatically assume your baby is not getting enough or your boobies can't keep up if the baby cries after a feed. If you put the baby to the breast often enough you will produce enough to satisfy your baby, it is rare your baby is 'too big to be satisfied by your milk'
I have a huge babba and managed to feed her enough to maintain her on the 98th percentile.

If your baby appears unsettled between feeds and is gaining weight properly it is not because he/she isn't getting enough. Find other ways of soothing them or see if there is something else wrong or even give a dummy if your supply is established.

I have agonised too many times over this and I know it's a common reason why mums give up when sometimes they need not worry.
Great idea Tor - maybe worth seeing if a mod could make this a sticky??

Many people have problems feeding but VERY VERY few of these cannot be solved!!

Nipple shields saved my life!!!
G has never latched naturally and if my mw hadnt suggested these we'd not have lasted a week!!

Also - your baby CANNOT empty you, milk is produced continually - and baby is best at getting it out - so just because you can't express much don't think that means your supply is low!!


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Great Idea! This should almost be a permanent thread here and in pregnancy chat maybe?

It is very rare for a mother not to be able to produce enough milk, even when doctors tell you that you have low supply. If your baby is gaining too slowly, dehydrated, and falling asleep at the breast, express your milk and feed by syringe or cup, and pump pump pump! Put baby on the breast as much as possible too. They will soon wake up enough to suck better. If you introduce formula, then you will have supply issues right away.

It is possible to get you supply up to ebf after topping up for six weeks with a lot of work. Pumping and fenugreek are great, but you really have to do about three days of continual feeding to get your supply in with no top ups!

Main thing is, if your baby seems hungry early on, feed them! But do learn to distinguish hunger cues from tired cues. Mine wanted to be fed to sleep and it took me a while to realize.

Your baby cannot be too big for your breastmilk to be enough.... It was your milk that got them to be that big lol!
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Oh I would've gave my right arm for BF'ing advice when I had my 1st.

Dont let your LO comfort suck. LO Shouldn't be wanting the boob constantly if they do, there's an issue somewhere.

Get into the swing of expressing & giving LO bottle ASAP as it can be difficult if left too late.

Dont let BF'ing rule your life, it is only a way to feed baby & shouldn't control what you do day to day. For example not wanting to BF in public or something like that.

Dont assume that because you BF that your LO wont get things like coughs colds, asthma ect ect. BFing doesn't stop these things.

Biggest one I can think of is - do not feel bad if you are unable to continue. Your baby will be equally as healthy if bottle fed.

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My advice is to not think that just because your baby hasn't been able to breastfeed for a certain time, or that you gave him/her a bottle out of frustration that your milk will just 'dry up' and you should give up altogether. There are people out there who haven't been able to breastfeed for weeks who manage to pick it back up again. I recently read about a woman who was expressing and giving formula because her baby wouldn't latch for 6 months who decided to try and feed from the breast again and succeeded can you imagine that?

My other peace of advice is to eat and drink well, keep a record of what you're drinking because you're probably so busy you think you're taking in more than you are.
my advice is that it will hurt, it hurts a lot the first week but IT DOES PASS. after gettingg thrush and having problems i thought it was just that painful forever but it was the thrush. it shouldnt hurt after the first 10 days or so really.
lansinoh cream is a must buy and worth every penny
never give up cos even if you have to give bottle feeds you can still bf as well
Some good tips here.

Another from me.

Don't be afraid to ask for advice! I'm a pushy, assertive sorta gal anyways so I had someone come to the house repeatedly to check the latch/reassure me/ weigh the baby.

All of these Little things will give you confidence to carry on and succeed. I had a breastfeeding coordinator come the day my milk came in and she showed me how to hand express and if I hadn't learnt that I probably wouldn't be breastfeeding now. You are at your most tired then and problems with feeds will encourage you to give a bottle if you don't have the right support.
Fantastic thread

Invest in Lansinoh. Yes it's expensive but it really does ease the pain.

Visit a breastfeeding support group, as soon as you feel up to leaving the house they are truly a godsend. At my local one, they have every conceivable problem accounted for. It's also great to talk to other mummies and if you're nervous about feeding in public this is a great place ot start.

If you think there may be a problem feeding get help asap, the longer you leave it the harder it will be to get sorted.

Expect to spend the first few weeks glued to the sofa/bed feeding. Grab the tv remote and lots of drinks and enjoy not having to move.

Drink LOTS of water, it's essential for you and your supply.
I just want to say thank you for this thread. It is great!

I am hoping to BF my lil one when he arrives so it's great to have all this advice already!


get checked for tongue tie before leaving hospital too lol and deffo join a support group or make sure you have numbers for advice and bf support
My one piece of advice- enjoy it!!

It truly is a wonderful thing to do. As others have said the first week or two will be difficult and prob a bit sore. But sit back and relax and watch crap. Tv all day

You've got the rest of your life to get organised and go out. Staying in breastfeeding also gives your body the opportunity to recover after labour.

Make sure you don't leave hospital until you're confident about feeding. Though you may want to get home use the time inhospitable while there's others about to help to crack breast feeding

That's all I can think of for now x
Good idea TORino!
I would second the advice given above and add:
-First few days until milk came in r v tough going- especially at night coz u r kbackered from giving birth! But when milk supply comes in (around day )3 it gets a lot better!
-If u can feed lying down at night in bed safely do it! (Look into safety with co-sleeping etc) I would never have stuck with it early on if I couldn't have done this!
- Be prepared for the pain initially but it does get better! If its still hurting after the first few sucks then something is wrong- getting the right latch is key!
- If u can persevere thru the early weeks it is v rewarding and SO worth it!
-Make sure u have clothes u r comfy to feed in and can feed on easily- doesn't necessarily need to b expensive bf tops- a cami under a t-shirt which can b pulled down and t-shirt up works fab and hides any 'mummy tummy' might feel conscious of!
-Breast pads!! Never b without! Lol! My personal recommendation would b Asda little angel ones- cheap but effective!
-If u do any expressing try to b as relaxed as poss to help the milk flow! Pumping can b quite tricky!
-Think of all the extra calories u burn as good motivation if u r struggling and want to continue, but above all.....
-DO NOT FEEL GUILTY if u have to stop! It isn't for everyone and there is nothing wrong with nourishing ur baby with formula!!
-Good luck to all new bf mummies! :)
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I didnt bf for long but something like this wud have been a godsend!! I wud say get all the advice that you can get, my borough were very anti bfing and as I was unwell pretty much advised me to ff. If bfing is what you want to do then stick with your guns!! But as Mum2b410 said dont stress yourself out if you cant, you are doing the best for your baby whatever you decide!!
I agree asda breast pads r the shizzle.

Don't be afraid to ask for help if something doesn't feel right. Local bf groups r Worth goin to, u can pick up lots of tips from other bf mums.

If ur baby isn't putting on enough weight, don't give up and switch to formula. Henry only gained 7oz in weeks 6-12 (he was naturally goin every 3 1/2-4 hours), so I fed him more often (every 3) & he put on 5 1/2oz in 2 weeks. trust in ur body. If ur baby is put to the breast often enough u will produce enough to satisfy them.

Enjoy the time feeding. It gives u an amazing opportunity to get to know every crease and fold of skin, to see the love in their eyes when they look at u.

Be prepared for comments from ppl in public, but don't let it put u off. Bf is the most natural thing in the world (along with pg and labour!). Ppl comment whether u bf ("u shouldn't be doin that in public") or ff ("u haven't given ur baby the best start in life"). Ppl r gonna comment whether u bf of ff, so stick with it. It is illegal for them to ask u to stop.

Invest in a shawl/pashmina/nursing cover. I used mine for the first 3 feeds in public & it really helped boost my confidence. I don't use it anymore as I don't care if anyone sees anything. I'm feeding my baby & they r the only ones who have a problem.
Great advice!

I've found that it can be upsetting if he is crying / being fussy even if the boon is literally in his mouth, but learnt that if I take him off he either needs to burp, or if i let him cry even 30 seconds he will feed properly.
Wish I knew that from the start! Would have saved me a few evenings of crying cos I couldn't keep him happy!
Great thread!

Can't really add anything new other than agree with the others, to trust in your body, it won't let you down. First time BFing is a very emotional experience. I assumed baby would pop out, go on the boob and get on with it lol Hmmmm not that easy, but I knew that's what I wanted to do and so I got the help to get me and LO working together.

Latch problems are so common, but the help out there with BFing support is fab, can't fault it at all.

Your body will always produce enough and there are very few reasons to not be able to BF, including taking medications.

Your body will always give baby the goodness before it is left with the 'dreggs' lol You can have a drink, just not go on a bender for example.

Cosleeping helps to aid a good BFing relationship, totally not essential as some people/babies don't enjoy cosleeping but it makes the night feeds a hell of alot easier, after a few months baby will latch on while you sleep too! bonus lol
I echo what Bev says about getting tongue tie checked for as they are so common and if one is found make sure they do something about it asap as if they fob you off with appointment in a week or so baby gets used to bottles and it is hard to re-establish feeding.

Go to support groups and keep going, I was still visiting one when my baby was 6 weeks old to make sure I got it right.

Trust your instincts! If it doesn't feel right to give formula, or to carry on breast feeding or to use a soother or whatever it is, then don't do it. You know deep down what is right for you and your baby. Your heath visitor, midwife, mother, husband and best friend may give advice and some of it may be helpful but you know best.
i still go to breastfeeding support group every other week now. its useful to talk to other mums who bf and so valuable to have support
Thats great! Love that first link, makes a lot of sense , thanks :)

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