breastfeeding and getting preg?


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Jul 10, 2005
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Just wondering asmost of you knwo im breastfeeding and i dont get my period well i have no idea when im gonna fully stop, how will i know if im preg if i odnt have my period.
Last time i knew cuz it was irregular and i never ever got morning sickness?
I have sore boobs, but could be from thrush and Kiara tryinto bite them, and i have lower abck pain but ive always had a sore back, but hurts so bad today i had ot take a pain killer, and ive been nausious the past few days but coulod be cuz ive been tired and not feeling well.
Any other signs that could indicate it would be happy either way, but was hoping not till after summer.
And im not using protection cuz i only got two years till bernie wants to stop trying.
Thanks Katrina
hi i sort of have the same situation - i.e am still breastfeeding Ewan, and have had no sign of a period yet, and we are not activley using protection as we wouldn't mind if we have another we are planning on trying when he is 9-12months.
I've got a bit of a craving for really tasty food at the mo, and am constanly hungry which i also have when i was pregnant with ewan.

Hubby said 'oh well you'll know when you start getting a bump'!!

Also how would they date it - as they couldn't do it from last period!! "yes doctor my last period was in November 2004!!!" 9 months pregnancy and almost 7 months of breast feeding..... must admit its been heaven not having the monthly problems!!
Hi Hypnorm

Thank you for your reply, well i think the only way they could date it would be to do the ultrasound i guess.
Im glad someone is in my situation as i was beginning ot feel kinda stupid.
As far as knowing when we get a bump i hope i wouldnt have to wait till then cuz its always nice ot know before hand as there are stuff you cant do while preg but can do while breastfeeding.
Lol i dont miss teh monthy problems as well but thius is the first time i actually want it so at least you have some sort of knowledge if your preg or not.
Hope someone can tell us what we can do to knwo if we are or not... i cant get a test till Bernie gets paid on the 17th. :(
I found this:

Breastfeeding can be up to 98% effective in avoiding pregnancy when the following conditions all apply:

* your baby is less than 6 months old and
* you are fully breastfeeding – this means you are not giving your baby any other liquid or solid food
* you are nearly fully breastfeeding – this means mainly breastfeeding your baby and giving your baby other liquids very infrequently and
* you have no periods.

Once you stop fully or nearly fully breastfeeding you can get pregnant. And once your baby is over 6 months old the risk of getting pregnant increases, so even if you don’t have periods and are fully or nearly fully breastfeeding, you should use another contraceptive method.

from here:

hope that helps!
Hi thanks Urchin

That does help the lady that did my prenatal class told me its a form of birth control so i guess it is true... but i gues sthere is still that 2% as i got preg on the pill.
But im prob just experiencing all htis cuz ive been so tired, needing ot go to the chiropractor and maybe im coming down with somthing??
Im planning to stop breastfeeding at the end of July so it'll be perfect timing as they will be about a year and a half to two years apart... hopefully.
Thanks again.xxxxxx
Yeah I was surprised at just how effective it is!
98% is pretty good! My HV is always saying "don't rely on it" etc but I think they are worried if you give 1 bottle of forumula the % will go down fow a day.

Urchin, its hard to rely on anything anymore even the surgerys sometimes dont work.
Its wierd about the formula thingy i dont understand how it would affect it if you give your baby one bottle...... i never have but i am just curious why it would make a difference am i just overly tired its about 3 am here :shock:

How are things with you by the way everything good?
are you planning on anymore kids soon or ever??
xxxx Katrina
I would love more kids!
Not sure about hubby though, he started off not wanting any kids at all :lol:

Busy enjoying Brody at the moment anyway... he's just starting to giggle so obviously I'm spending every waking moment trying to make him laugh!

Aww well us ladies usually get our way anyways lol, how many more would you like, i envy girls like you i only want two think more would just be too much for me lol.
Isnt it wonderful when they start to do new things
i love watching Kiara smile. :D

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