Breast pain!!

Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by mollythemama, Mar 22, 2016.

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    I have a 2 week old baby, and am exclusively breastfeeding her. I've had midwives see me breastfeed and they are all happy with the latch, as am I. My nipples aren't sore and they look as good as they did pre-birth. They don't usually hurt during feeding either. However, my right breast really hurts while feeding, not the nipple but the actual breast, it's like a strong tugging sensation that pulls from my armpit. It really hurts and makes me want to avoid feeding on that side. I will add, this usually only happens when breast is empty (which seems to be always at the moment!)

    She is also cluster feeding at the moment which is tiring my boobs out so much!

    I'm sure she is getting all the fat she needs as she only lost 1.4% of her birth weight at 5 days and she'd put on a whole pound of her birth weight at 10 days.

    Any ideas?
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    It seems like the latch may not be quite right.
    Could you see a trained breastfeeding peer supporter or Lactation Consultant rather than relying on the midwives?
    They are often not trained in breastfeeding and won't necessarily know what they are looking for.

    In the meantime, try positioning her as though you are going to feed from the LEFT, and then slide her across and latch her on ("rugby ball hold") and see if that helps at all.

    Good luck xx

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