Breast feeding pain help?

Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by amie, Dec 27, 2019.

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    my little boy is now 3 weeks old and we’ve been having a bit of a nightmare with breastfeeding.

    He was born with a tongue tie but we were just left to it despite him losing 9% of his birthweight by day 4. It wasn’t until until my nipples turned black from the damage and I visited my local breastfeeding clinic on day 6 when they finally agreed he needed it fixed and booked him in for the following week.

    In the week running up to his procedure, I had to start giving him a few bottles of expressed and formula and use shields while feeding as I couldn’t face him latching on due to the pain.

    I also started feeling this new pain after finishing a feed - a deep gnawing sort of pain/ache which would last for anything up to two hours, the cold air was also excruciating on them. I mentioned it to the community midwifes who sort of fobbed it off so I just left it at that.

    Anyway, he had his tongue tie fixed last Thursday and I knew it would be like starting all over again with him relearning so we spent the next few days on the couch just trying to get him latched but that deep gnawing pain just got worse and worse with every feed (I also noticed that whilst there was no latch pain anymore my nipples were coming out of his mouth mishappen and white).

    I preserved until Sunday night, I was sat in tears with a heat back on my chest an hour after a feed and he wanted fed again and I just couldn’t do it. Since then I’ve just formula fed.

    On Tuesday I was filling in the health visitor and she told me she thought it sounded like thrush (baby had no symptoms though) and that I could see my dr if I wanted to try again so I managed to get an appointment today and he disagrees!

    my dr thinks it was engorgement or something, that my son wasn’t taking enough leaving my boobs full and throbbing. I tried to explain that it happened even after I used the breast pump and emptied them fully but he wouldnt listen and insisted he was right.

    so that’s where I’m up too. Sorry for the huge story but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what this pain could be??

    i thought I had made my peace with formula and baby is thriving (despite some initial constipation he is getting chunky and seems content) but when the health visitor mentioned thrush I was like I can’t just give up when there’s a quick fix but now I have no idea.

    my husband thinks I should just stick with formula but I miss the bonding so much already but I know my supply will already have plummeted from 5 days off. Could I even start again? I’d be so worried he wasn’t getting enough?

    Uh I’m ranting!

    Thanks in advance for any advice or
    experiences <3
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    Stopping breastfeeding can be very emotional. But what you describe sounds a bit like what I had, like there wasn't any blood flowing through my nipple and my DD couldn't get any milk. I had stopped at 8 weeks since she had a cow's milk protein allergy but it was very hard! I cried about it and felt like such a failure. Everyone helps you breastfeed the baby but no one helps you when you stop.

    Hang in there, you're doing the best you can for him, giving him formula. Sometimes it just doesn't work out and there is absolutely nothing wrong with formula! It used to be demonized ages ago because people would make the formula with dirty water, making the babies ill. Now, with bottled and filtered water, you are giving your baby all he needs every day!
    Take care of yourself, you are a great mother if you believe it yourself!x

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