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    As I understand, it is my employers responsibility to create a new risk assessment with regard to my pregnancy. I spend every other week working 200+ miles from home. I drive there and back (Monday-Friday), and the work inbetween involves driving and walking around all day. This week I drove over 600 miles and walked 50km (more than 30 miles). It is very tiring, especially when pregnant! My manager has high expectations about what needs to be done and this doesn't seem to involve breaks. It's very full on.

    Does anyone know what breaks I am entitled to when doing this kind of work, when pregnant?

    I am in the office when I'm not doing fieldwork.
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    Generally, pregnant or not you are legally entitled to a break once you work over 4 hours. The length of this varies depending on how many more hours you work per day. (4+ hours = 15 mins; 6+ = 30 mins etc). My work did a risk assessment, and even though I'm barely in the office I was told I was entitled to take a break to actually LIE DOWN at literally anytime of day for as long as is needed

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