Braxton Hicks??


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Apr 17, 2005
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Hi ladies,

Just a quick question, today I started feeling braxton hicks, and the reason that I know they were braxton hicks is that as most of you know this is my 5th child :shock: and I've had them with my other children, but here is my problem I know they start in the first trimester but you aren't suppose to be able to feel them until well into your second trimester. :? with me just beginning to end my first trimester I don't understand why I can feel them already. They started at about 3pm (usa time) with no pain just the tightening and now it's about 10pm and still getting them periodicallly and they're a little bit uncomfortable now. Not really "painful" just uncomfortable. What do you all think? Just as I am getting out of the "danger" period something like this happens and makes me worry all over again. :cry: Any ideas???

xoxo Ree
Sounds a bit odd to be getting them this early - my midwife said expect them at about 30 weeks ish.
I'd speak to your doc or midwife when you can hun if they are getting regular - just to reassure you. x
Hi ree

i had them at 11 weeks onwards, this is my 3rd pregnancy so i figured they were early coz of that, so if this is your 5th then it wouldnt suprise me at all :)

as long as they are not painful at the mo then id say everything is fine, but check with your midwife if your worried

i agree i had them from 24weeks on wards and that was my first pregnancy and i know u can feel things earlier when its not ur first pregnancy.. nothing to worry about.
You can actually have braxton Hicks thought your pregnacy, its just that most women dont notice them till a lot later on.

But like baby kicks second and subsiquent pregnancies you feel them sooner as you know what to look for and the muscles are more relaxed anyway, so it may be the same with BH.
Thanx guys! I'm not having them this morning so I assume everything is ok but I will mention it to my midwife when I go this week!! :D With this pregnancy everything has happened more quickly!!!!! I feel like I have "superbaby" in here and that's now our nickname for the peanut superbaby!!! :D

xoxo Ree

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