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Jul 6, 2005
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I know there have been numerous chats about bras on here but I too lazy to trawl through to find them.. sorry!!!

I am now wearing a support maternity bra from mothercare.. cotton, seamless white blah blah blah.. it is very comfortable but I worry that it is not supportive enough as cotton stretches too quickly... and now I am a 34 DD I need the help to keep me up there!!!

So.. any suggestions on good bras....?? non-wired, preferrably seamless so I don't have those lines all over the place and ones that come in BLACK.. as most of my clothes are black and all my bras are white!!! God how tacky you are all probably thinking!!

Its very depressing.. all my lovely la perla bras are now in a bin bag under my bed :cry: :cry:

Please help - I feel matronly enough.. doesn't help looking like one!!
Anna Marie ...

Im wearing the same bra from mothercare as you .... got the feeling by the time that this is all over i'll be slinging my boobs over my shoulders ... (Was only ever a small B cup) :(

I've had a look on sites like :

These are all on line stores, there could also be one in your area ...

Some of these sites have some gorgeous maternity underwear, especially figleaves, i'll be ordering of them soon ...

Hope this helps,

Love Imi+Bean
I've also packed away my georgeous bra's and moved into a hammock for the next few months. :(

On Saturday, I decided that I needed a couple of plain maternity tops as I just looked fat, so went to Mothercare. I found some great long sleeve stretch t-shirt type tops in about 6 different colours, but when I tried the cream one on, I noticed immediately the lovely 'double-boob'!! I knew their was an assistant just outside the changing room, so asked her advice. I ended up with a pack of 2 hammocks, one white one black. They're not the seamless ones, but are non-underwired. They've tried to make them look nicer with a little fancy bit on them, but they needn't have bothered. The straps are that thick that nothing would make them look sexy. :evil: I then had the shock of being measured for them. Before pg, I was a 34B/C depending on the time of month. I'm sitting here today in a 38D ! :shock: But I have to admit that it's really comfortable!

I've also managed to shrink my black work trousers! So either they fit in the leg but the gusset is mid-thigh, or I can pull them up so that at least I have a bum, but I need to put jam on my shoes so my hems will come down to tea!!

How sexy is this early stage!!!???
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

yes it is not very glamorous being pregnant I am now realising.
This weekend I removed all the items from my wardrobe that I now cannot fit into and there is now a huge gap!! I am so depressed about it all.. even the trousers I use to walk my dog in are too tight.. I even need new tracksuits!! God I hate it!!! I really wanted to wait til i was past 20 weeks to buy any maternity clothes but I think this w/e I must venture out to get some things.. I hate shopping!!

Yes I had similar experience in Mothercare Tankett.. they tried to tell me that instead of my usual 32C pre pregnancy I am now a 36D.. I told them to bugger off as I used to measure women for lingerie too when I managed a lingerie boutique in NY many moons ago... so I know what size i am.. and I bought the 34DD instead.. they always seem to think its the back size that is wrong but in fact smaller back size bigger cup always works... and with cotton bras the backs just stretch too quickly. Next time Tankett try a tighter one with bigger cup size.... it will feel weird at first but it is much better for you as it won't ride up at the back!

Thanks Imi for the links.. i ordered some stuff from figleaves last week but had to return it all as some were dreadful.. old ladies non underwired bras.. god i cried when I saw them.... didnt even try them on!!

do M&S do anything decent? would buy online again but I now realise I really need to try before I buy :wink:
the bra from mothercare I am wearing is great but need black and out of stock online :cry: :cry:
Hiya ...

My SIL has just come back from M&S and has said to me they have got some gorgeous maternity stuff in as well as having some really gorgeous baby outfits (Don't think i should have mentioned that as i know tankett a shop a holic!!)

Apparently there stuff is really nice and has asked me to go with her next week if i feel up to it ...

Anna marie have you tried dotty P's?? I brought some plain maternity tops from there at Xmas and they fit nice and look nice.. I don't look fat in them unlike some of my other stuff i actually look pregnant ... the fabric moulds around your shape to give you a nice fit....

I should try Dottys, M&S and jojo ... there stuff is really really nice ... and there on-line shop looks as if there black bra's arn't too bad ...

Being pregnant certainly has it's draw backs, but we shall be looking at half of these posts in Aug and laughing our socks off at the fact we where trying to buy comfortable sexy hammocks LOL!!!

Hope this is a bit more helpful hun,

Take care ....

Love Imi+Bean
Thanks Imi!

Couldn't resist.. just bought a couple of bras from figleaves... the elle macphearson one and an Anita one I think.. hope these are better than the others I got last week.. ooh ugly things!!

Yes I will go to M&S, dotty Ps and H&M.. on Sat.. just want to feel less frumpy and somewhat attractive again!! :cry: :cry:
I've ordered the elle Bra too .... looks awfully nice !!!

Glad i could help .... feel all useful now LOL!!!!
got to say it again!!! asda do the best sports bras and at £4 a pair... you can't go wrong!!!! they come in white or... wait for it!!!! yep black!!!! they really hold me up... i'm wearing 36DD now - after paying so much for my lovely lady lumps i want them to stay in the right place... even after chick is born!!!! George seems to have got it right!!!

Maturnity clothes... i've found that my old summer dresses look fab over maturnity bootcut jeans! I'm looking out for shirt type dresses to wear over jeans.. then when chick is born - end of july if all goes to plan! then it should be warm enough to wear the shirt type dresses on their own!

LOL ...

Think the way im expanding the only thing thats gonna fit me is a Sodding tent!!

Spoke to my OH earlier, he's coming home in 4wks on wed 4 my Birthday .. I said "Oh by the time your plane lands i'll be up and can meet you off the plane"

He turned around and said .. "You don't have to do, mind you i won't miss you, not the size i've heard you are"

Bloody Charming ... Like i said hammocks and tents for me :?
:lol: :lol: cheeky Git your OH Imi!
Yes thanks again.. hope the Elle bra works!!

Hayley... will defo go to Asda but not one near me :cry: :cry:

Where did you end up getting your maternity jeans from? really need some.. all mine are too tight.. very upsetting as I have over 20 pairs of lovely jeans which I will miss terribly!!

Anna Marie ...

I went again to mothercare, dotty's and also Blooming marvellous....

Got jeans from mothercare and my dungarees from blooming marvellous, there so fab and comfy ... i just love them!!!!

Honestly anna blooming marvellous web site has some fab clothes on there .. i even got my baby under construction T-shirt from there!!!

Honestly try them, you won't look back i promise you!!!

Take care and have fun shopping ....

Love Imi+Bean
Anna Marie - jogging bottoms. I bought some fab ones from Mothercare at the weekend for £20. They are grey, long enough (I know you are about the same height as me), and really comfortable. They had a little heart-shaped sticker on them saying that they were soft to the touch, and they weren't lying. They feel great on. Mothercare's scoop neck plain t-shirts are also a great shape, nice feel and only a tenner! I'll definitely remember your tips about the bra sizing, thanks. I did think it wierd that I had gone up 4 inches on the back!

Hayley - I searched Asda for those bras and couldn't find them. Do they come in one of those see-through packs? Or are they on hangers?

Jeans - found some really nice ones from Next. Fit great, look great, only problem is they don;t stay up when I walk! :shock: I can't go any more than 5 steps without having to pull the waist up. Is this the same with all maternity jeans, or just these. These ones don't have the overthebump panel, they are under bump and have elasticated pockets.

Oy Imi!!! What are you trying to say about me being a shopaholic!?! :shock: Okay, I already have 9 muslim squares, 18 bibs, 7 vests, 6 plain white sleepsuits, 4 assorted babygrows, 2 hats and a pair of boots!! And, I did spend £100 in Mothercare on Saturday when I only went in for a couple of tops!!! I bought a Tommie Tippee nappy wrapper (half price). Why didn't they have these when my daughter was born? What a fantastic invention!! I still associate the peachy smell of Wilko's nappy sacks with poo! :shock:
The asda sports bras come in a see though package... they used to be £5 but they've all been knocked down to £4 - not a sale just an asda mark down... get looking!!!!

I got some jeans from H&M but took them back as they had a style seam across the bum... it wasn't cut right and so dug into the skin and created a line... looked like a really noticable panty line!!!! i did get some combats from H&M - too big now but should fit soon... I got a pair of Topshop maturnity jeans and a pair of boot cut from next in cheshire oaks only £10... the next ones are really generous sizes.. i got a sz 10 and they are still quite big on the hips and bum.... can only wear them if i have a long top that covers the hips - like a dress!!!! cheshire oaks next has hundreds of maturnity jeans really cheap....

If your looking for good maternity jogging bottoms they sell them in Asda George for £4 a pair! have been a complete god send to me throughtout my pregnancy.

if you also dont want to pay the full price for maternity bras there a few good sellers on ebay that sell brand new bras for about £3 - £5. certainly better than the Mothercare 2 for £22.00 price.
Great tips everyone.. thank you!!

I was at the hospital this morning so on way back to work I popped into Matalan.. found some cheap joggers in there for £4.. bought 5 pairs so they should see me through all the dog walking I need to do until I get too big to walk anywhere!!

Thanks for the tips on maternity jeans.. will defo check out next.. I like the sound of boot cut as they don't make me look so huge on the hips.. kinda evens out the shape when wide at bottom of leg too!!

Never thought of looking on ebay but I will... right now!!!

Hi Anne-marie,

Have you tried topshop for maternity wear? they do some really nice up to date stuff and the one near me had buy one get the next cheapest item free either to the same value or cheaper (if that makes sense)

Also H&M had some great stuff and I think I even saw some lacy bras maternity wear

both of these shops are reasonably priced Topshop also have it online but I find more in there shops


Not a shopaholic tankett??? you got more stuff for your bean than a chain store supermarket!!!!

Don't blame u tho, will be doin the same in 4wks!!!
Maybe I am being a bit silly but I am a bit cautious about buying stuff from H&M or Topshop.. I am going to be 37 in April.. am I not a tad too old to be running around in trendy gear? don't get me wrong I love to be fashionable and I think I do ok with my own adaptations of what is fashionable but I don't want to look silly and too old... :cry: :cry: :cry:

I defo Will go and look everywhere!! I would love some fun trendy stuff for spring / summer.
Anne Marie,

I mean by trendy not as frumpy and baggy as some of the stuff in some of the shops.

they do a lot of skirts, vest tops and jumps at H&M and at Top shop have a great range of jeans. I would not say it is out of your age range and as mentioned before your as old as the man you feel :lol:

At H&M you pay no more the 10 a top and 30 a pair of casual trousers/skirt and the same at top shop.


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