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    When do babies start to test the boundries

    Ava is 10and a half months old and yesterday and today she has done everything to go against what I'm saying :/ she knows the tv stand she must stay away from if I say Ava she looks back smiles and crawls off so I say good girl for listening today she tried climbing it so I said Ava she looked back and carried on so I went over pulled her off and said Ava no mus not climb you could hurt yourself her response was to slap me and when I told her sternly "no" for hitting she just laughed in my face!

    Anyone with advice! My nephew hits Ava quite a lot he gets told off straight away but my sister cuddles him after I don't want Ava to think it will be rewarded with a cuddle but I don't know how to deal with it either as she's my first! X
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    Amelie is 9 m old and does some similar things.

    I never tell her no. We decided to keep no for real bad and dangerous situations like ready to pull sth hot on her etc. we also tried to prevent any really dangerous things so we don't have to tell her off every time. I blocked completely her way to electronics.

    I usually remove her from the situation and distract her.
    Same comes with slapping if I have her in my lap and she slaps me I put her down and distract her with a toy and we play pat pat on the toy then I tell her good girl, we pat that we don't pat pat mummy.
    We also play a lot gentle hands when I barely touch her hand like petting her and I show her how to do that back to me.

    No idea if all those will work, I suppose we will see when we will hit toddler years...

    I am all for avoiding any tantrums so of she has a tantrum because she can't get to my phone for example then my phone is going to be out of her sight lol.

    Good luck, hopefully people will slightly older babies will be able to help you a little more.
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    I'm not there with Aaron yet but have had a load of advice from other mummies in my DS group as behavioural issues are quite common.

    One technique that seems quite successful is to use "positive words" rather than no.

    A lot of mums use "stop" .. As encourage the child to do something rather than discouraging.

    Hope that makes sense x

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    Just tell them to stop and distract by doing something else.

    They all go through various phases...pulling hair, biting etc. And they grow out of it

    The technique Seren's nursery uses and one I use too is to tell them to stop and then make a fuss of the other person (if they have bitten etc).

    Seren's first word was "no" btw so you can tell what I kept saying to her! She's pretty good now, she's lovely with Bethan, behaves in public and if she acts up will tow the line with a couple of warnings.

    Tone of voice is important too, don't say no and then laugh.also your facial expression. Practice in the mirror if necessary. They need to see and hear that you mean business.

    Sorry if I've rambled! Xxx


    Proud mummy of Seren 15 Nov 2010 & Bethan 12 Oct 2012
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    C has very little concept of boundaries at the moment! At sing and sign we sign and say 'stopping' and 'all gone' instead of no.

    I do generally get some sort of reaction from him but its not the desired effect as yet. I am hoping with perseverance that C will grasp the concept! Xx


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