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May 19, 2005
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Im having a nightmare trying to find the right bottles for Coby at the mo.
i had an avent starter set and a mother care starter set when he was born.

he started getting a bit colicy on those tho so i went out and brought these ones..

but now the valve bit at the bottom has started to leak so i have to replace them.

i was going to buy DR Brown bottles but then i saw these..

but when i tried them, it seemd to take Coby forever to drink an oz, so i took the colic bit out of the middle so see if that made a diffrence, but then he started to choak coz the milk came out to fast.

after trial and error, i descoverd that Coby likes the teats he has on the mam bottles, but coz they are big, they dont fit the mother care bottles i have, or the tommy ones, they do fit the avent ones tho so im going to try him on thoese bottles with the mam teats today, no anti colic thing tho, i just hope all this mucking about doesnt give him colic.

time will tell i guess.

so far i have spent about £40 on bottles and still havnt found the right ones! lol

When I was preggers i bought a steam steriliser from mothercare and it came with bottles. I used these on Isaac along with the sma gold formula. Isaac was really screaming with colic so on the advice of my sister in law I bought cow and gate omneo comfort formula and avent anti colic bottles and i also use infacol before feeds. Isaac hasnt cried with wind since. To be honest theres not alot more I can do so its a good job he doesn't cry now! He is anti-colicked to the max! I am going to reduce the infacol soon so he doesnt depend on it to bring his wind up.

The bottles are expensive but I have four. Three is use for milk and I keep one spare for water. I alternante the one I use for water so they all get worn out equally lol

Oh and if I have trouble getting his wind up then I find that cooled but warm boiled water works everytime.

Lou :)
lou said:

When I was preggers i bought a steam steriliser from mothercare and it came with bottles.

was it grey? i think thats the one i got, Coby doesnt get on with the bottles tho.

he hasnt got Colic at the mo, he settled down once we brought the mam colic bottles.

i just tried him on the avent bottles with the mam teats and he took his feed fine so its defo the teats he likes rather than the bottles. i will carry on with that, the bottles are not anti colic tho so im hopeing he will be ok on them, if not i have infacol ready and waiting lol

Layla if you try Gripe water in a couple of weeks that should help LOTS.

Shame about that waste of money though :?
yeah they can have that from 4 weeks old cant they?

all teh unused bottles i have now im going to give to my sister, she just found out she is 7 weeks pregnant so at least they wont be a total waste.

yeah it is the grey steriliser. Its the one that says its cool with the green tick but burns your bloody hands off if you take the lid off. It also gets a really dangerous build up of steam in the lid that trickles into water once you lift and tilt it. Its a really bad design fault and I bet loads of people have burnt themselves on it the first time they use it. I know I did!

The omneo comfort formula is the best bit of advice I have been given. Apparently the sma gold is crap but thats what they gave him at the hospital so I automatically bought it when we got home. The omneo comfort is easy for babies to digest. Something to do with curds and whey.

Lou :)
lol yeah i leant the hard way with the steriliser too lol
My sterilizer is really difficult to open. It's the avent microwave one and when it's closed it's really difficult to get the bloody lid off... thank god I've only used it once so far!
I've got the avent microwave one and mine's ok, you must have a dodgy one! :lol:

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