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Dec 7, 2005
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My boobs seem to have grown so much and i am only 6 weeks. I was 32B and now a 32C is far too small for me. Has anyone elses grown quickly? Im sure I felt them growing last night as they woke me up I was in so much pain!
hi there,

I know what you mean about bigger boobs I went from a 34A to a 34B just after I found out I was pregnant now at 19 weeks I'm having to buy 34c bras and there only getting bigger.

I've started to buy Nursing or maturnity bras (depends on if you want to breast feed or not) as theres no point in normal bras as I'll never be able to wear them again after baby's born.

As I want to breast feed I chose to buy Nursing bras, you can get some really pretty ones from mothercare.

and if your like me normal bras are pretty uncomfortable at the moment too.

good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

lmwarr said:
Im sure I felt them growing last night as they woke me up I was in so much pain!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

That really made me laugh!!! I'm exactly the same though. They have been very sore and hot and painful for at least a week before I had my BFP. But in the past week I've also noticed that my nipples are even sorer. I also woke myself up last night, but I rolled over and somehow managed to scratch my nipple with my watch!! Ouch! I woke up screaming!! I've got to go shopping tomorrow for a couple of new ones as I have the lovely double-boob look from the side at the minute!! I'm not breastfeeding, so just going to somewhere like Primark to get one white and one black in bigger sizes. I'm not splashing out loads on bras I'll never wear again, and Primarks are only about £4 each!! :D
God a girl after my own heart Primark is going to be my paradise during my pregnancy. I am not going to my expensive clothes when i get bigger i will be buying jogging bottoms in bigger sizes and they only cost £3. I love the shop.

Glad i am not the only one with pain in the butt boobs!
I'm going to Primark tomorrow to buy some black trousers for work because I'm already struggling to get in my trousers!! So I'm going to have a look around while I'm there. I love that shop because you can fill your basket with clothes and accessories, and then you get that awful guilty feeling while you are in the queue that you have spent far too much, then get to the till, and they hand over 3 massive bags stuffed wth clothes and say "that will be £1.87 please" !!!!! :D :D :D

Seriously, I'm not even 8 weeks yet, and I'm uncomfortable sitting in my trousers. :( I think I'm having a whale.
BOOBS ????

Iv'e only ever had fried eggs ( which i was perfectly happy with by the time i'd finished school !).... now it seems like i have Mount everest and it's twin mounted on my chest!!!! :shock:

Iv'e gone up in bra sizes big time ... the best thing to buy is nursing bras .... but sports ones are comfy too :D

Im starting to wear mine in bed as i find sleeping without hurts ... prob cause im not used to the extra weight Lol !!!

Take care...

:lol: :lol: This topic is making me laugh!! :lol: :lol:
I can sympathise with all of you!
I am a big chested wench anyway - 44DD, and I didn't think they would expand anymore,but my god,I just want them to stop!!I have already gone up to a 46E,and the new bra I got in that size is to tight now!I have always had a problem finding big bras,now I can't seem to find any at all without paying through the nose,which is pointless.I'm going to send my Nan down Bilston market to get me one of them cheap nylon type bras that the old woman store holder sells along with the bank raider style knickers :lol: :lol:
ouch tankett - scratching your nip... painfull.... i put a lace bra on the other day - bad idea... 1/2 way thru the day my nips popped out the lace pattern.... agony all day!!!

I've gone from 34D to DD.. now my DD is getting tight.

hayley said:
i put a lace bra on the other day - bad idea... 1/2 way thru the day my nips popped out the lace pattern.... agony all day!!!


Hayley, I have got tears in my eyes laughing at you!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
I know it must have been painful, but sorry, that just sounds really funny!!!
Tankett, don't worry about putting on weight so soon.

I told someone I hadn't seen for ages I was expecting today and she said 'I thought you were looking a bit bigger on the tummy'

I'm 8 and a half weeks gone............

And yes, the boobies are matching too. Wish I'd started off as a 32B, instead of a 32D which is now WAY too small.

The blokes in my office haven't looked at my face for three weeks......
You girls don't know how lucky you are, I've got a small bust and can't wait to get bigger but I'm 15 and a half weeks gone and they haven't grown one bit.
I've been measuring them and not a jot bigger. Hmph.

I'm still in my normal clothes, so I'm hoping once I have a bump the boobs will grow too.
I've been measuring them and not a jot bigger. Hmph.
I'm still in my normal clothes, so I'm hoping once I have a bump the boobs will grow too.

:lol: If it's a case of"like bagpuss,like bagpuss" they'll never stop!! :lol: :lol:
omg cant stop laughing after reading these posts sorry everyone but you all have such a lovely way with words lol :lol:
when i had my son 12 years ago i went from a 36b to a 38c and thats how it has stayed all these years till about 8 weeks pg this time and i went from 38c to a 38d which are now skin tight and my boobs are popping out got fitted for bras in marks and spencer the other day and am now a 40dd :shock: which i bought in the sale in bon march 3.00 and then another 20% off at the till so bought 2 :D
Only just noticed we have 2 bagpuss's.... have i been chatting to 2 people all this time???? thinkig it was the same one!! confussed .....

Rach - wow... they are growing!!! i'm enjoying mine at the mo... as you all know i had enhancements done a few years ago so going from a 34b (small b) to a 34D was te best... but now i'm filling a DD - i'm like a at that got the cream... love them!!!!

is anyone else getting slightly P***ed off with people saying "i knew you was pregnant before you told me" or "your big aren't you".... so many people have told me they thought i looked different.... like how???? the other day someone shouted "my god your massive" I'm still wearing my size 10 and 12 jeans... so pls explain!!!!

hayley i know that pissed off feeling but with me everyone just thought i was putting all my weight back on i used to be seriously overweight and wanted to be healthy before i tried for a baby and over 18 months lost over 4 stone although still only got to a size 14 when i got pregnant i was up to a size 16 within 6 weeks and then belly just grew for britain but everyone thought for a long time that i was just piling weight back my maternity jeans and trousers are all size 14s and 16s and now my bump is huge there is no doubt to anyone now that im pregnant and they are all coming up to me saying ooh i didnt know u were pg thought u were piling weight back on grrrrrr xxxxx
wow rach - congratulations on the weight loss.. 4 stone - that is brilliant. What diet did you do? over the years i've tried loads of fad diets...

I think people just love being insensitive when you become pregnant! like we become public property... people actually think they have a right to discuss your shape/body/weight....

Congratulations Rach on your weight loss. That's fantastic to have achieved that.

Yep there are two Bagpusses, I'm Bagpuss17 - I was the original Bagpuss you were speaking to in the TTC Buddies thread. The new Bagpuss has recently registered. So there's two of us now just to confuse everyone.

I've yet to experience the public property response yet but I'm sure I will very soon.

We only went public when I was 13 weeks. Nobody at work had guessed up until that point, only the people I work closest with know so I'm not sure what other people think. My boobs haven't got bigger which is often a clue for people, my stomach is definitely rounder but I'm still in my normal size 10 jeans so to the untrained eye they shouldn't have guessed from that.

We shall see in a week or two when I'm sure I will have a growth spurt in the bump and please, please my boobs!

Will I be the only woman to still have small boobs all the way through :?

My husband told me that as we're know in the second trimester he's the one who should be feeling the tiredness as I'm supposed to be feeling a bit frisky now :wink: He was only joking but it did make me chuckle.
bagpuss17 - my DH is hoping the 2nd trimester friskies begin soon... i've been really tired and off any kind of passion lately.... he he!!! our poor blokes really get the short straw... your doing really well if you still in your sz 10 jeans. My sz 10 are really uncomfortable - can't sit in them for more than an hour.. my sz 12 are still okay - they're low rise anyway! In the morning my stomach is almost flat... after lunch it pops out! by bedtime it's really popped... i love rubbing coco butter all over it...I'm sure your boobs will start growing soon.. my cousin was a tiny sz 8 - in fact some sz 6's fitted her... when she became pregnant her boobs grew from a AA to a C... she hated them!!! she's back into her sz 8's and i little bra's... and loves it...

thanks girls diet was slimming world vegetarian diet best i ever been on will def be back on it when i have had baby :D xxxxxxxx
For years I was wearing a 34A but after been fitted properly they said that I was infact a 32b. Anyway Im in my first lot of new bras 32d!! Im starting to find them tight round the girth now so I will go up to 32c.

I can totally agree with Primark, brill shop, Ive bought new work trousers and tops from there - its so cheap.

Ive put on 1 stone since finding out I was pregnant which was 3 wk 5 days.


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